First Fagernes Chess Festival – Chess in the fjords

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4/28/2011 – Though Magnus Carlsen really put Norway on the map in the chess world, not many really know what this untamed northern country is like. To celebrate the Norwegian Federation's 100th anniversary, Øystein Brekke organized the 1st Fagernes chess festival, attracting several grandmasters. Recording the event with his camera, here is a photo report by Sergey Tiviakov.

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The First Fagernes chess tournament took place in Fagernes, Norway from Aril 17th to April 24th. Though the first of its kind, it is intended as the start of a new traditional tournament. The tournament is part of the celebrations to commemorate 100 years of the Norwegian chess federation, which will cummulate in the World Chess Olympiad in Tromso in 2014.

The photos from the surroundings are all taken by me.
The photos from the playing hall are provided by Mr. Brekke, the main organiser of the event.

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Top-rated Sergey Tiviakov had a good grip on the field and won The Open Championship 2011 with 7.0/9 ahead of five other GMs on 6.5/9. The Norwegian FM Daniel Kovachev missed an incredible chance to tie with Tiviakov with 7.0/9 and was completely won against GM Yuri Solodovnichenko in thier last-round game, but errors and blunders came in succession in sever time trouble and Kovachev lost.

It seemed as if the participants unanimously judged the first Norwegian Chess Festival at Fagernes as a great success, with a magnificent bay hotel and fine surroundings. Everything is thus well suited for even greater participation in next year's festival from April 28 to May 5, 2012.

Final standings

GM Sergei Tiviakov
GM Sergey Kasparov
GM Gawain C B Jones
GM Lars Karlsson
GM Normunds Miezis
GM Azer Mirzoev
IM Michael Richter
GM Yuri Solodovnichenko
FM Frode O. Urkedal
IM Eirik Gullaksen

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A photo report on the First Fagernes chess festival

Pictures by Sergey Tiviakov

(additional pictures of playing hall by Øystein Brekke)

The Fagernes hotel where the event took place

The very same in its more natural white surroundings

The main entrance

Sculpture at Skiferplassen, in memory of workers and animals at Valdres Skiferbrudd

A locomotive from the old railway

Nes Village on Neselva river

One of the views of Strande Fjord

Another breathtaking view

Vesleoya Island at Strande fjord

Ice crystal formations

Mirzoev at the Strand Fjord

Fagernes is not simply fjords and ice. It is also covered with ancient forests.

The untamed wilds also mean nature can build undisturbed,
such as this giant ... anthill!

How big is it? Compare its size to our intrepid photographer

In case you thought he was joking, here is a closer view of the
home to millions upon millions of ants.

Some very odd-looking huts

The beautiful surroundings mean there are numerous nature
trails to be enjoyed.

GM Azeri Mirzoev getting ready to climb Mount Kvileberg

It is not about just getting to the top, but enjoying the scenery

Though not everyone will necessarily agree

A very old pine tree

At the summit, Sergey poses in front of the magnificent view of Fagernes

A shot of the waterfall at Fagernes

The river fed by the waterfall

The top of the waterfall

The playing hall at the posh Fagernes hotel

A key game between Sergey Tiviakov and Gawain Jones ending in a draw

IM Michael Richter gave a much appreciated lecture on using Chessbase 11

The top six winners with organizer Øystein Brekke (left) and deputy chairman Svein
Erik Hilmen (right)

Organizer Øystein Brekke with winner Sergey Tiviakov and local deputy chairman
Svein Erik Hilmen.


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