First «Circuit des Espoirs Europe Echecs» in Lyon

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6/28/2008 – Why are these fair maidens playing chess with the names of two famous world champions affixed to their table? They are part of a "Young Hopefuls" tournament to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the French Magazine Europe Echecs – and playing in the exact location where Kasparov played Karpov in 1990. The twelfth champion is a special guest. Pictorial and video report from Lyon.

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First «Circuit des Espoirs Europe Echecs»

The French chess magazine Europe Echecs is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its foundation with a youth rapid tournament in Lyon, France, the town known as the gastronomy capital of the World. The event is being covered on live steaming video, with live commentary in English and French. The guest of honour is the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov. The young stars are playing their games in the premises of the club Olympique Lyon Chess 3, rue de l ' Angile, 69005 Lyon, on the very special table which was used by Kasparov and Karpov during their World Championship match in Lyon 1990! The participants are:

Sébastien Feller
17 FRA 2540 GM, French Junior Champion 2007, runner up in EU U16 2007
Romain Edouard 18 FRA 2509 IM, European U16 Champion 2006, runner up in U18 in 2007
Tania Sachdev 21 IND 2423 IM and WGM, Asian Champion 2007
Sophie Milliet 24 FRA 2354 WGM, two IM norms, French Women's Champion 2003.

There will be six games of rapid chess, played at the speed of 15 minutes for all moves with a five second increment per move. In case of a tie there will be two five minute blitz games with a two second increment, and if the score is still tied an Armageddon playoff 5/4 with draw odds for Black (watch it in slow motion in YouTube). The prizes are 600 Euros for first place, 400 Euros for second, 300 for third and 200 for fourth.

Europe Echecs video reports

Reports of the opening, interview with Anatoly Karpov, and more to come

Center of attention: Anatoly Karpov prepares for a few friendly blitz games

Karpov takes on the first challenger, IM Yohan Benitah, captain of the Lyon team

Another player, Sylvain Ravot, get a chance to try his hand against the legendary champion

Even some of the kids get to play – note that material is equal in the above position, although Karpov has 1.f3 Nc5 2.Bf5 Bxf5 3.Nxf5 with the threat of 4.Qxg7# and 4.Nxe7. The Exif information of the photo does not show what actually transpired in the game.

Karpov poses with local chess fans...

... and plays some games against them on a garden chess board

Karpov with the players: Romain Edouard, Tania Sachdev, Sophie Milliet, Sébastien Feller

The games under way, but not what you read on the signs, but Sachdev vs Feller

The Indian chess star faces the youngest but highest rated player, GM Sébastien Feller

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