Film project in Tromsø: Chess Brains

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7/1/2014 – There is something mythical and mysterious about the game of chess, and the world's top players. It feels like they know something the rest of us barely recognize. They have a mind capacity that far exceeds our own. Do they know something about life that we don't? These are the questions that will be posed to some of the world's top GMs in a film project that you can support.

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Chess Brains

A film about some of the greatest chess players in the world

In this one-hour documentary you will meet some of the greatest chess players in the world. Through in-depth interviews and live action the main source of information in this film will come from the players themselves. We will follow three to five main characters, each of them representing different backgrounds and cultures. We will meet them in their own territory, before they go to the Chess Olympiad 2014 in Tromsø, Norway, where we will follow them during the combats.

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This is Silje at Kaffebønna in Tromsø, where some of the film production will take place

If we are successful with this campaign, more players from different countries of the world could will be invited in the film! The event in Tromso will give us an opportunity to study the faces and body language of the players, and at the same time try to find out what goes on in their minds. What does the outside reveal about the inside? In a way it will be a study in human behavior, through chess! And done with humor as well.

Watch some sketches from our research material:

About the Director

Educated at London Film School in 1984-85 Trond Brede Andersen has worked both as director and producer on several documentaries and short fictions. He received a nomination for best Norwegian short (Amanda) as producer in 2002. In 2010 he made a prime time documentary for NRK on the freestyle motocross world champion Ailo Gaup, which attracted an audience at nearly 700.000 people. Last year he completed his film " The Longest Run" about Europe's longest and thoughest dog- sledge race, and In 2015 he will release his feature documentary on the Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland " The Man who solved the Mystery of the Northern Lights"

Trond Brede Andersen: "My motivation as director is to get people equally fascinated to chess that I am, by making an entertaining, unique and informative film. I see a personal challenge in cracking the code that is necessary to visualize the chessboard and chess players' mystery to the public. By studying some of the world's top chess players on and off the board, I hope to open an unknown landscape to the public, a landscape I think many are interested in. Some might say that life is a game of chess, I would say chess is a game of life."


To produce the film a sum of 24,000 Euros is required, which will complete the total 132,152 Euro budget, which is very low for an international one-hour documentary. The film is already founded by North Norwegian film Center, Swedish TV, Film pool nord, and private funding by the producers. One of the best international distributors, Autolook Filmsales, has stated the intention of distributing the film widely. In Sweden the producers have financial support from SVT (Swedish public television) which will broadcast the film in Sweden. In Norway they have financial support from North-Norwegian Film Center, as well as regional partners like Chess Olympiad Tromsø 2014, and local chess clubs.

You can contribute to the project on this IndiGoGo crowd funding page.

The campaign to raise the required €24,000 funds starte on June 26, 2014, and will close on July 15.

More information is available here:

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