FIDE Women's Grand Prix Gibraltar rescheduled

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1/7/2021 – Originally, the fourth and final tournament of the Women's Grand Prix 2019 was scheduled to take place in Gibraltar, from January 17th to January 29th. But due to the Corona pandemic and high infection rates in Gibraltar, FIDE decided to postpone the tournament. Press release...

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FIDE Women's Grand Prix Gibraltar rescheduled

Press release, January 6, 2021

FIDE and the organizing team of the Women's FIDE Grand Prix in Gibraltar have decided to re-schedule the competition to a later date. 

The decision is taken in response to the development of the coronavirus pandemic in Gibraltar, where, unfortunately, the number of cases has increased significantly in recent weeks. In view of this, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced a new lockdown on January 2, which will be in place until at least January 16. During his press conference, Mr. Picardo said that "the numbers of new infections with Covid-19 in our community are remarkably high and concerning."

To ensure the safety and well-being of the players and all the staff involved in the event, we have decided to postpone it. The tournament will be held in late February if conditions allow. 

FIDE and the organizing team will keep working closely with the Gibraltar authorities to ensure that the competition meets and exceeds the recommendations of the local government and health authorities.

Women’s FIDE Grand Prix Series:

Gibraltar Chess Festival:

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The Women's Grand Prix

The Women's FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019 consists of four tournaments and originally these tournaments were to be played within two years (2019-20). However, due to the corona pandemic so far, only three tournaments have been played.

  • 1st – Skolkovo, September 10th – 23rd 2019;
  • 2nd – Monaco, December 2nd – 15th 2019;
  • 3rd – Lausanne, between March 1st and 14th 2020;


Sixteen players compete in four WGP tournaments. Each of the sixteen players participate in three out of four WGP tournaments. Each WGP tournament is played with twelve players round robin. In each WGP tournament every player scores WGP points according to her position in the final standings; the winner of WGP Series is a player who scores the most number of cumulative points earned in all three WGP tournaments she played.

The two players who score the most number of cumulative points in WGP Series qualify to the FIDE Women Candidates Tournament to be held in the first half of 2021.

Standings after three tournaments

Rank Player Skolkovo Monaco Lausanne Gibraltar Total
1  Aleksandra Goryachkina (RUS) 120 133⅓ 145   398⅓
2  Humpy Koneru (IND) 160 133⅓     293⅓
3  Alexandra Kosteniuk (RUS) 45 133⅓ 15   193⅓
4  Nana Dzagnidze (GEO)   35 145   180
4  Kateryna Lagno (RUS) 90 90     180
4  Dronavalli Harika (IND) 60 60 60   180
7  Anna Muzychuk (UKR)   80 85   165
8  Ju Wenjun (CHN) 120   35   155
9  Alina Kashlinskaya (RUS) 45   85   130
10  Mariya Muzychuk (UKR)   60 60   120
11  Zhansaya Abdumalik (KAZ)     110   110
12  Pia Cramling (SWE) 10 60 35   105
13  Elisabeth Paehtz (GER) 75 20     95
14  Valentina Gunina (RUS) 75 10     85
14  Antoaneta Stefanova (BUL) 25   60   85
16  Marie Sebag (FRA) 25   15   40
17  Zhao Xue (CHN)   35     35
18  Dinara Saduakassova (KAZ)         0
18  Sarasadat Khademalsharieh (IRI)         0
18  Gunay Mammadzada (AZE)         0

As Aleksandra Goryachkina is already qualified for the Candidates tournament, the third place will qualify instead of her.


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