FIDE visits the Italian Stock Exchange

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11/8/2015 – In a surprising turn of events, the Skills Management Committee, a new FIDE commission, was a guest of honor at the Milan Stock Exchange. Presided by its president Roberto Mogranzini, it was invited to hold a three-day seminar during the TOL Expo, holding lectures dedicated to the improvement and innovation the world of trading. Read on this integration of chess and trading.

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By Martha Fierro

The president of the Skills Management Committee, Roberto Mogranzini, competed, along with other special guests such as Raffaele Jerusalemi, CEO of the Italian Stock Exchange, Ennio Arlandi, the CEO of Agrex and Mario Fabbri, CEO of Directa. With them was also Brian Pallas, the child prodigy of international business, who is just 29 years old and whose company is already listed as 100 million dollars. Rounding off the prestigious group was Alessandro Almonti - Vice President of the Italian Chapter of the International Association of Coaching. The moderator of the event was Luca Barillaro, a private trader and chess aficionado.

The central theme of the seminar was the decision-making process in business, with its own time management problems, often requiring decisions be made in extremely little time, or not at all, launching an attack or not, always assessing both the risks and the possibilities in mere moments.

The description could just as easily have been that of a chess game, illustrating how closely related high finance and chess are in concept. Time management, stress, being obliged to not hesitate and always maintaining a clear mind, ready to make key decisions with the coldness of a machine, but with the strengths of humanity: the ability to find a creative way to overturn the tables. Finance, just like chess, is strongly aided by modern computers up to that breaking point, at which point the unique human genius finds its way to stand out.

At the end of the seminar the CEO of the Italian Stock Exchange and the President of the Skills Management Committee faced each other in an unexpected game of chess that took by surprise the guests and those who were attending the seminar online.

On the occasion of the seminar,  the FIDE Vice-President Martha Fierro and FIDE CEO Geoffrey
Borg came on behalf of FIDE to represent it.

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