FIDE Election: Karpov claims UAE, Ilyumzhinov Cyprus

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8/5/2010 – FIDE Presidency candidate Anatoly Karpov has received the backing of the well-known businessman and sports patron Sulaiman Al Fahim, and the UAE Chess Federation. The two announced a $320,000 chess development package for the region. Incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has secured the support of the Chess Federation of Cyprus. Election news.

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Press release

Sulaiman Al Fahim & UAE Support Karpov

August 4, 2010

Big news from the United Arab Emirates, where Anatoly Karpov just had a successful meeting with renowned businessman and sports patron Sulaiman Al Fahim, who among his many titles is also the president of the UAE Chess Federation. The UAE has pledged its support for Karpov’s candidacy and Sulaiman Al Fahim has accepted the offer of a FIDE Vice President position in the Karpov administration to focus on developing chess in the Arab world and all of Asia. They also announced a $320,000 chess development package for the region.

Anatoly Karpov and Sulaiman Al Fahim

Below is the letter to Karpov from Sulaiman Al Fahim and the Federation and the full press release issued after the meeting. More details to come on this exciting development and what it means for chess in the region and the campaign.

Sulaiman Al-Fahim is a renowned global entrepreneur and lifelong chessplayer who is also the president of the UAE Chess Federation. World Champion Karpov expressed his gratitude and added, “an important element in our plans to promote chess in the region will be Sulaiman Al-Fahim’s role as a Vice-President in my new FIDE administration. He is a visionary, full of ideas and capable of leading a renewal of chess in the Arab world and Asia. There is also a poetic element, as Europe first learned chess from the Arabs, who were the game’s first great practitioners.”

They also announced an $80,000/yr. development package for Arab chess federations, $320,000 over the four years of Karpov’s first term of office. These funds will go to youth programs, training camps, and local and regional events, among other activities. In a joint statement, Sulaiman Al-Fahim and Karpov said, “The UAE is already becoming one of the most vibrant hosts for chess activity in Asia. This funding will help it to become a center for development and push that progress to a new level.”

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim (born in 1977) is the current president of the Arab Union for Real Estate Development. He’s also a UN Goodwill Ambassador for IIMSAM, the permanent observer of the Economic & Social Council of United Nations. He has worked for two years with a UN group focusing on malnutrition issues in Africa and worldwide. He made headlines in 2009 when he purchased the English Premier League club Portsmouth, quickly selling it off at a profit and remaining the head director. He is the former CEO of Hydra Properties.

Anatoly Karpov (b.1951) was world chess champion from 1975-1985 and possesses the greatest tournament record in chess history. He won the team gold medal with the USSR team at the 1986 Chess Olympiad hosted in Dubai. Karpov is running for the FIDE presidency against incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Cyprus President Christofias Supports Karpov

During a trip to the beautiful island of Cyprus, Anatoly Karpov met with President Dimitris Christofias. The President offered his full support to Karpov’s efforts to win the presidency of FIDE and reform the chess world. Karpov gave a simultaneous exhibition during his visit and also gave several interviews. Here are several excerpts from his talk with the Russian-language paper Evropa Kipr.

It is not easy to fight against a team that has been in charge of FIDE for 15 years. First of all, many people simply do not believe you can win. The second problem is that people are scared, they are constantly under threat, and that’s hard. I am traveling extensively and meeting many people who receive nothing from FIDE, but they are still afraid of something. The conversations we have are remarkable: “What have you received from FIDE?” – “Nothing.” – “And you are still afraid?” – “Yes.” – And what are you afraid of?” – “We are afraid.”

What can you offer small federations, such as Cyprus?

We will solve problems for the federations, conduct general training seminars for coaches, trainers, and arbiters. These are programs I have been working on for 22 years and they will apply to countries both small and large. It is very important to repeal or reduce title payments for many federations. Why are these fees imposed, just to collect money from the federations, including the smallest ones? The meaning of FIDE is to bring the national federations and the players, not extract money from them.

Press release

The Chess Federation of Cyprus has announced
its open support to the ticket of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov!

81 National Federations now support the “One World. One Vision.” Team!

Anatoly Karpov, Nigel Short and Gary Kasparov had insistently put pressure on board members of the Cypriot Federation in order not to support Kirsan. To such a point that someone could wonder if the Cypriot vote would by itself determine the election result for Karpov…

The truth is that the former world champion lacks more than 60 votes to even hope for a tie!

The only aim of Karpov’s team was to divide the Greeks between Greece and Cyprus because the president of the Greek Chess Federation Mr Georgios Makropoulos is elected with the ticket of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

The policy of dissension and the continuous undermining of the chess world’s unity, which Karpov’s team has been promoting from the first day of his campaign, produced no results in Cyprus! We attach the letter of support to Kirsan by the President of the Chess Federation of Cyprus Mr Christoforos Tornaritis:

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