FIDE Candidates Tournament split between two venues

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10/18/2009 – The 2011 World Championship challenger is decided in a Candidates Tournament with eight participants (including World Chp and Grand Prix winners). At the 80th FIDE Congress in Greece this week FIDE decided, remarkably, that the tournament, scheduled for 2010/2011, would be split into two parts, to allow candidate Levon Aronian, who is from Armenia, to avoid playing in Azerbaijan.

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At the Presidential Board meeting in June 2007 FIDE introduced a new world championship cycle. It included a Grand Prix series, which would span a period of two years, with a tournament every year in America, Asia and Europe. We tried at the time and to the best of our ability to decipher the new system.

Subsequently, at the General Assembly in Dresden (at the end of November 2008), FIDE was spurred into action by the failure of Grand Prix events from materialising. The organisation created a new candidates tournament to find the challenger. This could, it was decided, be an eight-player round robin or a four-game knockout series (with a six-game final). The eight participants would be two Grand Prix winners; two World Cup winners; the loser of the 2009 Kamsky-Topalov Challenger match; the world's highest ranked player; the loser of the 2009 World Championship match; and a 2700+ wildcard nominated by the organiser.

80th FIDE Congress in Kallithea, Greece

Now, at the Anniversary Congress in Kallithea (October 15-17, 2009), details of the Candidates Tournament were discussed and some remarkable decisions taken. The correspondent of the Azeri chess site ExtraTime, Teimur Tushiev, reports that in order to address the concerns of individual players the World Championship Candidates Match will be split into two groups, with four players in each. One of these will be held in Azerbaidjan, and the other (in which Aronian will play) in a different country. This must, at the insistence of Azerbaidjan, not be Armenia. This is to be seen against the backdrop of a decade-long conflict between the two countries, who have never enjoyed cordial relations.

So what happens if the final match has to be contested between representatives of Azerbaidjan and Armenia. In that case, the FIDE Congress decided, it will be played in a neutral country. "If the final is between a representative of Azerbaidjan and a player other than Aronian, it will be played in Azerbaidjan. Finally, if the final is between Aronian and a representative of another country, other than Azerbaidjan, the final will take place in another country."

We are informed that the Candidates matches will take place at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

Translations: Steve Giddins

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