FIDE and ACP start talking

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5/30/2005 – Official bearers of the world chess federation have met with those of the professional chess association to discuss differences of opinion and search for common ground. The meeting touched on anti-doping, anti-computer, official hotels, time controls, but not, apparently, on reunification. We bring you a summary.

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FIDE – ACP Meeting
in the FIDE office, Athens, 24.05.2005

FIDE was represented by G. Makropoulos (Deputy President), Z. Azmaiparashvili (Vice-President) and I. Gefler (Executive Board member). The ACP was represented by J. Lautier (President) and P. Tregubov (Board member). The report was prepared by Pavel Tregubov.

FIDE deputy president Georgios Makropoulos and vice president Zurab Azmaiparashvili

ACP board member Pavel Tregubov and president Joel Lautier

In the four-hour meeting the following subjects were discussed.

A) Anti-doping control
The ACP considers the current doping list inadequate; FIDE noted that controls were necessary in order to "move towards the Olympic family".

B) Anti-computer and anti-mobile devices control
Both sides agree that metal detectors and to strong sanctions against cheaters are necessary.

C) Fighting pre-arranged tournaments
The ACP will prepare proposals on this subject.

D) Cooperation on rules
The ACP is against the new FIDE rule which forbids writing down the move before it is played on the board. FIDE welcomes players’ opinions on chess rules. The ACP will prepare proposals.

E) Official hotels
The ACP want official hotels during tournaments abolished, FIDE wants to retain them in order to be able to guarantee the security of the players and in order to obtain significant bulk discounts. Both sides agree that an open information policy is desirable.

F) Time-control
The ACP wants to return to the classical 7-hours time-control, FIDE disagrees, noting that the FIDE time control is becoming more popular, and that it is more attractive for media and spectators. FIDE will use its time control for the next World Cup, but the most important stages of the next World Championship cycle will be held with the 7-hours control. FIDE will recommend that organizers will use only one of the following two controls: the FIDE official control: (90’/40 + 15’) 30” starting from move 1; the 7-hours control: (100’/40 + 50’/20 + 15’) 30”starting from move 61.

G) Fighting short draws: Sofia experience
Both sides agree that new rules should be introduced to fight short draws. The “Sofia rule” could be one solution. The ACP will prepare proposals on the subject. FIDE thinks that the opinions of the top 30-40 players should be taken into consideration.

H) Next World Championship
FIDE informed the ACP that organisers in Argentina had fulfilled all financial requirements and that all players had signed their Undertakings.

I) Future World Championship Cycles
FIDE informed the ACP about its plans for future cycles. The ACP proposed abolishing the Zonals, and the cancellation of the +2400 rule for the European Championship. FIDE stated that it cannot offer contracts to players; these should be signed between organisers and players directly.

J) ELO rating system
FIDE is willing to improve the current Elo rating system, e.g. to make it more dynamic. The ACP agreed and proposed that inactive players should lose rating points.

IV. Conclusion
Both sides agreed that progress had been made and were satisfied with the results of the meeting. The next meeting is planned for 12-13 July 2005 in the FIDE office in Athens. Further meetings should be held on a regular basis.


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