Face to face: The Croatian Championship 2020

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6/19/2020 – The Croatian Chess Federation is the first to organise a "real" chess tournament after the worldwide Corona Lockdown. From June 19 to 29, twelve players will meet face to face in the Croatian Championship. Host of the event is the town of Vinkovci where Bobby Fischer won a strong international tournament in 1968.

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Live: The Croatian Championship 2020

Finally. Since March all live tournaments have been cancelled because of the corona pandemic but the Croatian Chess Federation now wants to go back to "normal", and organises its national championship from 19 to 29 June as a live tournament where the players meet face to face. The championship is a round-robin tournament and will be played in Vinkovci, where Bobby Fischer in 1968 won a strong international tournament with the sensational score of 11.0/13. Vlastimil Hort and Milan Matulovic shared second and third place with 9.0/13 each.

Fischer dominated the tournament from beginning to end and in round 6 he won a nice miniature with the King's Gambit.


Fischer 1968 in Vinkovci

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The venue of the Championship is the Hotel Slavonija and the Croatian federation will provide a live broadcast of the games.

Hotel Slavonija

The tournament starts June 19th, all rounds begin 15.00 CEST (13.00 UTC, 9.00 EDT).

Live games



No. Name Rtg
1 Bosiočić Marin 2625
5 Kožul Zdenko 2597
2 Brkić Ante 2593
10 Stević Hrvoje 2575
11 Šarić Ante 2541
6 Martinović Saša 2532
7 Palac Mladen 2529
12 Zelčić Robert 2527
3 Jovanić Ognjen 2524
9 Rogić Davor 2492
8 Plenča Jadranko 2483
4 Kovačević Blažimir 2410


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