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3/3/2012 – The French chess magazine – which started publication 53 years ago – is one of the most innovative in its field. Europe Echecs produces video reports from major tournaments, in French and English, and provides excellent news coverage of chess in general. Of course they have a glossy monthly printed magazine, which they are now enhancing with the latest digital technology.

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QR Code – Chess Innovation by Europe Echecs !

QR Code is the abbreviation of Quick Response Code, a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode consisting of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. It was originally designed for the automobile industry, but the technology is becoming universally popular due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard barcodes. We find QR codes all over, in magazines, grocery products, street advertising. And now, thanks to that very innovative French magazine Europe Echecs in the realm of chess.

A QR code on the title page of the latest Europe Echecs issue

So how does it work? First you have to download a QR Code reader for your iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone. There are lots of them in the app stores, mostly free of charge. Then open Europe Echecs and scan the QR Code of the game you want.

The PGN is instantly displayed on the screen. You can scroll the moves on your iPhone, while reading comments in the magazine! Better than – or at least a serious alternative to – getting a chessboard and pieces and trying to follow the game manually.

Note that the QR scanning app automatically finds the code on the page of the magazine

The QR Code appears together with the game header

When you have scanned the code the game can be replayed on
your smartphone screen (currently only the game move, not variations)

Here are two QR Codes from the latest isssue of Europe Echecs for you to test:

You can scan the above codes, and the one from the cover of Europe Echecs above, from your computer monitor.

Scanning the Hou-Polgar QR will load the game that is analysed on pages 32-33 of the magazine

Another example of QR codes: Chessbase Online for Android can be purchased from the Android Market for a mere four Euros. As we meintioned in our review, you can scan the QR code below with your phone or tablet's camera to go straight to the Android Market link.


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