Eric Hansen leads in Wijk aan Zee

by André Schulz
11/20/2015 – In January 2016 the world's best players will meet in Wijk aan Zee to play one of the strongest grandmaster tournaments of the year. The winner of the Challengers in Wijk qualifies for next year's edition of this tournament. The winner of the Cultural Village tournament that currently takes place in Wijk qualifies for the Challengers in January.

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Wijk aan Zee: Cultural Village Chess Tournament

If chess fans hear the name "Wijk aan Zee" they usually think of the great international tournaments which have been played for decades in the small village, supported by the steel companies Hoogoven, Corus, and now Tata Steel. In January 2016 World Champion Magnus Carlsen and the world's best players will again meet in Wijk.

However, the great international tournament is not the only tournament with a remarkable tradition in the small Dutch village. The "Cultural Village" tournaments also have a long history which began in 1987 with a tournament in the "Hotel Sonnevanck". In recent years the tournament has been played every year but it moved to the "Café de Zon".

This year four Dutch players, one Canadian, two players from Georgia (one man, one woman), one player from Turkey, one from Azerbaijan, and a woman player from Iran take part. The winner of the tournament will be invited to the Challenger Tournament of the Tata Steel Festival 2016. After four rounds Eric Hansen from Canada leads with 3.5/4.



Café de Zon

The spacious tournament venue

The participants

Roeland Pruijssers - Eric Hansen


Eric Hansen

Robby Kevlishvili - Hing Ting Lai

Dorsa Derakhshani - Nino Khomeriki




Photos: Tournament site

Previous winners of the Hotel Sonnevanck tournaments (1987-2000) and the Cultural Village tournaments (2003-2014)

Year Name Country Score Norm
2014 Robby Kevlishvili (tweekamp) Netherlands  
  Hing Ting Lai (vierkamp) Netherlands 3  
2013 David Klein Netherlands 7  
2012 Eduardas Rozentalis Latvia  
  Miguoel Admiraal Netherlands IM-norm
2011 Baskaran Adhiban India GM-norm
2010 Dariusz  Swiercz Poland 7 GM-norm
2009 Twan Burg Netherlands 7 IM-norm
  Rick Lahaye Netherlands 6 IM-norm
2008 Oleg Romanisichin Ukraine 6  
2007 Dimitri Reinderman Netherlands 7 GM-norm
2006 Thomas Willemze Netherlands 7  
  Jan Willem de Jong Netherlands IM-norm
2003 Ferenc Langheinrich Germany IM-norm
  Merijn van Delft Netherlands 6 IM-norm
2000 1/2 Maarten Solleveld Netherlands IM-norm
  1/2 Alexander Dgebuadze Belgium    
1999 Rustam Kazimdzhanov Match 5-1 Harmen Jonkman
  Manuel Bosboom Match Tom Middelburg
  Alexei Barsov match Erwin l'Ami
1997 Sinisa Drasic Serbia 7  
  Nico Vink Netherlands IM-norm
  Edwin van Haastert Netherlands IM-norm
1996 Stefan Löffler Germany    
  Emanuel Bricard France    
1995 Friso Nijboer Netherlands  
  Joris Brenninkmeijer Netherlands 7 GM-norm
  Harmen Jonkman Netherlands   IM-norm
1995 Friso Nijboer Netherlands 7  
  Jop Delemarre Netherlands IM-norm
1993 Ian Rogers Australia     
1992 Krotronias Greece    
1987 Julius Armas Romania    

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