Eljanov wins Amsterdam Chess Tournament

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7/26/2005 – With strong GMs like Timman, Sokolov, Akopian and Timofeev participating, the winner of the Second ACT was 22-year-old Pavel Eljanov from Ukraine, who scored 7/9 with a 2757 performance. We bring you the results, all 450 games, and some remarkable photographic impressions by Fred Lucas.

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The Second Amsterdam Chess Tournament (ACT) was held from July 16 to 24, 2005, in the Studenten Sportcentrum USC in Amsterdam Buitenveldert, Netherlands. It was won by Ukrainian GM Pavel Eljanov with 7/9 and a 2757 rating performance.

Winner Pavel Eljanov, Ukraine [Photo Frits Agterdenbos]

Before the final round three GMs were in the lead: Eljanov, Vladimir Akopian and Ivan Sokolov, each with 6/8. Sokolov faced Eljanov with black and was systematically outplayed by his 22-year old opponent. Akopian only drew his game against Avrukh and Eljanov was the sole winner.

1. Eljanov 7.0
2. Rogers, Akopian, Timofeev, Cheparinov, Stellwagen, Khenkin, L'Ami 6.5
9. Sokolov, Timman, Ernst, Huzman, Avrukh, Megaranto, Williams, Ivanov 6.0
17. Belkhodja, Erenburg, Al-Modiahki, Smeets, Siebrecht, D'Costa, Bellini, Nijboer, Holzke, v.Delft, vd.Wiel, de Boer, Hoffmann, Bosboom, v Beek 5.5
32. Vazquez Igarza, Dambacher, Wells, Purnama, Janssen, Schoorl, Pliester, vd.Elburg, Senff, Bellin, vd Oudeweeterin, Halay 5.0
44. Kharlov, Vrenegoor, Gullaksen, v.Oosterom, Bezemer, Slingerland, Schmitz, Baquero, Peng, Witt, Buckley, Al Sayed, Afek, Bakker 4.5
58. v.Leent, Jonkman, Hartoch, Zhu, Breivik, Pruijssers, Beckhuis, vd.Poel, Ruijgrok, Vogel, Martyn, T.Timman, Overeem, Ansell, Odink 4.0
73. Burg, Koster, Bachofner, Wong, Monteban, de Saegher, v.Eekhout, vd Berg 3.5
81. Lyell, Wunnink, Spaan, Giddins, vd.Plas, Spence, Ko'hler, Drost, Riemens, Visser, Doggers, Gavin Roche, v.Gool, Bitalzadeh 3.0
95. Wempe, Markus, Narings, Bensdorp, Hansen 2.5
100. Blanchard 1.5

Summer in the city

Picture gallery by Fred Lucas

Once again (see links at the bottom of this page) we have received a remarkable photo report from Fred "available light" Lucas, who has a unique ability to capture the spirit of a tournament, better than many descriptive reports.

Ivan Cheparinov vs Daniel Stellwagen (1-0)

Stellwagen after this game

Nr. 3 Cheparinov watching his game on the television monitor

Jan Timman during his game with Jan Smeets (draw)

Jan Smeets after his game with Timman. Three years ago Smeets also played Timman in the Lost Boys Tournament and won!

Akopian discussing his game with opponent Renier Vazquez Igarza

20-year-old Russian GM Artyom Timofeev

Timofeev thinking during his game with Manuel Bosboom

Timman and Sokolov strolling around the hall during their games

Erwin L'Ami analysing with his opponent Mark Lyell

An overview of the comment hall where Rini Kuijf did the explaining

Sokolov-Van der Wiel: 1-0. Sokolov refuted a new move by Van der Wiel. In the picture van der Wiel has 17 seconds left on his clock, while Sokolov had about 1.5 hours.

Analysing what John was up to during the game

John van der Wiel pointing out something important to Sokolov

Igor Khenkin (he's German now) and Akopian analysing their game (Akopian won)

Sergey Erenburg from Israel, rated 2595

The bookshop of New in Chess

The twin Marlies( left) and Laura Bensdorp

Ivan Sokolov enjoying a good glass of white wine

"My relation with chess is simple," says Fred Lucas. "I'm a photographer who is very fond of the game, loves the atmosphere at tournaments – it's if you can really feel all the ideas coming up on all those boards – and I love to make pictures, especially with available light. What I like most when photographing chess players is to get their emotions that are otherwise hard to see, because life immediately proceeds to the next moment."

Other photo reports by Fred Lucas

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