Elections 06: 'A low-level campaign'

by ChessBase
5/18/2006 – Israel Gelfer is a very influential member of FIDE Executive Board from Israel, who has remarkably won the trust of most Arab delegates. As part of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's Chess Fidelity team he sent us an open letter with the request for "equal presentation" on the ChessBase news page. Kirsan has also replied to the Leong proposal from earlier this week. Here...

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A Low-level Campaign by "The Right Move”

Open letter by Israel Gelfer, member of FIDE Executive Board

Dear chess friends,

Recently several letters / open letters / papers were published and distributed all around the world by the "Right Move" ticket of Bessel Kok. Some letters included interesting and worth reading ideas, but most of them simply empty words, unrealistic promises and false accusations against current FIDE board members. It is a usual method done by politicians before elections. But most of Bessel Kok’s arguments simply demonstrate his panic.

The “Right Move" of Bessel Kok and Ali Nihat Yazici, while declaring all the time that they are running “a clean campaign", reached an extremely low and dirty level of language and actions.

Let me point out the following:

  1. In complete contrary to the image which Mr. Kok is trying to build for himself, he is now becoming arrogant and aggresive, just trying to hide it between the lines. Look at his letter about "infidelity": "They had no programs, no principles....", “The FIDE incumbents reacted with a typical cocktail of arrogance, apathy and ignorance". He even went so far as to use in one of his open letters slang language, allegedly in a dialogue in which he was not present.

  2. As for Ali Nihat Yazici, two points are worth mentioning:

    a) What has he been saying about Mr Ochoa after Calvia – demanding to throw him out of the ECU board – and how it has been changed only because Boris Kutin, the opponent of Mr Ochoa in the ECU elections, announced his support for Kirsan.

    b) Was Ali in knowledge that 200 (!!!) “journalists” from Turkey tried to cheat the chess world in such a ridiculous way that they “voted” to give the Oscar to Turkish GM Atalik (!!!) and Turkish GM Gurevich in second place? Not Topalov, not Anand, not Kramnik but …Atalik!

  3. The record of the "Right Move" includes the humiliating way they treated European Continental President Boris Kutin after he decided to support Kirsan’s ticket... His support letter was a private one, signed with his titles – ECU President and FIDE PB member. How did the “Right Move” react? By accusing him of making an "illegal" move, because the ECU board did not approve it... Who said it did?

    But that’s not all! Not only did the “Right Move” supporters in the ECU board made a decision of public support of Mr. Ochoa but also they praised his great skills and achievements, among them the …Calvia Olympiad (!!). No limits of cynicism from the “Right Move”...

  4. Three cases on which people from the “Right Move” and their supporters behaved in a threatening or unsportive way:

    · Willy Iclicki – accusing the Israeli delegate of getting a bribe (!) when hearing about the Israeli board decision;
    · The incredible and arrogant behaviour of Nigel Short while touring in Africa, spreading rumours and accusations for those not supporting them;
    · The totalitarian way of the US Chess Federation treating its former President Mrs Beatriz Marinello, just because she wished to remain neutral in the FIDE elections!

  5. The “Right Move” team does not hesitate to make accusations about "reprisals", about “people are afraid within FIDE” when they know very well (especially them!) that Kirsan always welcomes any of his opponents to FIDE administration;

  6. Another ridiculous and even more dirty threatening hint for "corruption" in one of their papers: "Immediately when elected we will audit the current operation... to be able to take the proper action". Our answer is simply the Auditor’s report: for the first time in its history, FIDE has a reserve fund of over 1 million USD!

  7. A spectacular quotation from the “Right Move” program which shows their mentality: "The RM believes that all nations should be included in the international community". Obviously the “Right Move” thinks that some countries are not equal members of the international community yet…

Bessel Kok’s team has also some other "fantastic" financial ideas:

a) in one hand they are complaining about expenditure of FIDE but on the other hand they are suggesting that the FIDE office is like a "small shop" and they are proposing a big office in Paris (in order to get the French vote of course).

b) about the World Championship cycle: They are promising to invite 157 players to play and FIDE will pay their tickets and accommodation. Obviously they don’t like the Continental Championships or they simply forgot about their existence...

c) they are promising software worth of 1200 euros for every national federation by a certain chess software supplier. I hope that this supplier is not ChessBase. In this case 200,000 USD of the reserve funds of FIDE will be used to pay off the election campaign bill through the web of the “Right Move”.…

Such plans, if implemented, will surely bring FIDE down to a financial crisis very shortly.

Chess Fidelity does not publish empty papers. We publish simple and concrete proposals about the future and about our proven past record.

The “Right Move” can continue to complain and spread false accusations about the "tragic situation regarding the World Championship". Meanwhile, Kirsan is solving the problems and is bringing additional sponsorship to FIDE. The best man will surely be voted by the delegates in the upcoming elections. And fortunately, Kirsan will continue to lead FIDE for the next four years!

Israel Gelfer
Member of FIDE Executive Board

Regarding the initiatives of Mr. Ignatius Leong

Dear Chess Friends!

For many years FIDE has been following the principles of democracy. FIDE executives and I personally have always paid much attention to our opponents’ opinions – for the sake of the worldwide chess development. Just as well we are following the democratic principles within our Presidential ticket.

I would like to clarify certain points regarding the latest events. At the end of the last week FIDE General Secretary Mr. Ignatius Leong sent out the open letter titled «FIDE Election: A Call for Unity». Prior to this he had asked for my advice on this move.

I deeply respect Mr. Leong and his endeavour to preserve peace and balance in the World Chess community. After some consideration I finally decided to support his plan even though it was a compromise alternative. I approved of Mr. Leong’s idea to send out the letter with his proposals all over the world.

Unfortunately our competitors have not supported these initiatives. Such reaction is very disappointing. I believe that when it goes about prevention of a new split of FIDE and preservation of the chess unity we have achieved, any personal ambitions should be put away. Nevertheless, the members of our Presidential ticket express the hope that the common sense will eventually prevail.

After voting in Turin we will look each other eye to eye, shake hands and carry on following our common motto «Gens una sumus!»

Sincerely Yours,

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