Dutch Open – four players in the lead

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7/31/2007 – The Dutch Open in Dieren is being played from July 23 to August 2. After five rounds, Dimitry Reinderman was in the lead from a group of nine players. After a loss in round six he dropped into second, with top seed Erwin L'Ami leading on tiebreak from four. Report with special attention to a man in disguise.

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Dutch Open in Dieren

The annual Dutch Open is taking place from 23 July to 2 August, at its traditional home, the city of Dieren. The field of 88 includes nine Grandmasters, headed by top seed Erwin L'Ami. As well as the Dutch Open itself, the Dieren chess festival includes a whole clutch of other events, including three Reserve Groups, plus six-round tournaments and so-called "vierkampen", four player all-play-all groups.

GM L'Ami, Erwin 2598 NED 5.0 2597
GM Van Den Doel, Erik 2587 NED 5.0 2610
GM Ikonnikov, Vyacheslav 2558 RUS 5.0 2634
GM Gofshtein, Zvulon 2541 ISR 5.0 2610
GM Reinderman, Dimitri 2506 NED 4.5 2556
IM Bosboom, Manuel 2440 NED 4.5 2462
IM Sengupta, Deep 2435 IND 4.5 2374
IM Brandenburg, Daan 2434 NED 4.5 2607
IM Siebrecht, Sebastian 2431 GER 4.5 2373
IM Saravanan, Venkatachalam 2355 IND 4.5 2484

At the first rest day, after five of the scheduled nine rounds, the outright leader in the Dutch Open is Grandmaster Dimitry Reinderman, with 4.5/5. An IT professional, who plays chess strictly as an amateur, Reinderman is a colourful player in the literal sense of the term. He is well-known for dying his hair a variety of bright colours! At Corus Wijk aan Zee in 1999, for example, he turned up with bright red hair, but, this year at Dieren, he has adopted a cunning disguise, his hair apparently being its natural colour. Reindermann currently has a half-point lead over a 9-player group on 4/5, including L'Ami, van den Doel, Ikonnikov, Gofstein and Barua.

As always with Dutch tournaments nowadays, there is a strong presence of juniors. 16-year old Christov Kleijn, rated just 2194, pulled off the shock of the event so far, when he defeated L'Ami with the black pieces in round one. Mention should also be made of the strong group of female players in the event, the star turn so far being 22-year old Marlies Bensdorp, whose unbeaten score of 3.5 includes a win against IM Herman Grooten, and draws with GM Reindermann and IMs Siebrecht and Bosboom.

A popular event – the playing hall at Dieren.

Everybody loves rook endings - don't they?

"I bet nobody recognises me with my hair this colour!" – Tournament leader Dimitry Reinderman.

Dimitri at the Lost Boys tournament in Amsterdam 2002

Laura Bensdorp, on her way to drawing with Nathaniel Spaan

GM Friso Nijboer, last year's Dutch Open champion

"I've always wanted a cap like yours - one with the peak at the back"

"We're only here for the beer", as a famous UK television commercial used to say

Pictures by Ab Scheel from the official website.

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