Duel of the minor pieces

2/18/2010 – In the analysis of Short-Kramnik ("the wrong choice of ending") we saw a knight that had everything under its control triumph over the bishop. But having the superior minor piece does not always guarantee the full point, as can be seen in the game McShane-Sebag. White has an extra pawn and the last black pawn is fixed on the same colour square as the bishop. Black should be able to save the game here, because the winning potential in the position is just too slight. However, the reason for 134....Kd7? being the wrong move and how Black could have held the draw can be seen in Karsten Müller's analysis for  ChessBase Magazine Online.

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Black unnecessarily conceded space with 134...Kd7?. What should he have played instead?
Analysis Mc Shane-Sebag  by GM Karsten Müller


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