Dresden girls vs the rest of the world

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7/20/2002 – At the start of the ZMD Open in Dresden the organisers staged a spectacular event. From a beautiful castle a squad of young female players, using the Fritz server, took on players half a globe away. The event drew a lot of attention, not just in Germany but in the countries of the opponents. You will find a report with many pictures here

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International Internet match in Dresden

To kick off the traditional "ZMD Open" (previously known as the Dresden Open) the organisers staged a beautiful event in spectacular surroundings.

A squad of young chess players took on opponents from very distant places on the planet.

The opening ceremony was held in the beautiful
Schloss Albrechtsberg in Dresden.

The new name, "ZMD Open", comes from the successful German microelectronic specialist ZMD, who produce cutting edge integrated analog and mixed-signal chips. The head office is in Dresden and who have shown a lot of commitment for chess in Saxony (see multimedia report in CBM 83 Extra). The immediate result for the players: there will be an unprecedented prize fund of over € 26,000 (€ 4000 for the winner) at the ZMD Open.

The president of the chess federation, the organiser (Dr. Dirk Jordan), the main
sponsor (Thilo von Selchow) and the Major of Dresden in Castle Albrechtsberg.

Impression from the outside and the inside of the castle – right, the royal bathroom

Chess and political prominence, GMs and young players, during the opening ceremony in the castle

Dresden vs the world

Three German champions, all from the chess school of Dresden, played against similarly aged opponents of equal strength located all over the world. One was unfortunately missing: the under 18 women's champion Tina Miezner missed her plan from Paris (where she way playing a tournament) and could not make it in time for the event. The other three had a great time, playing on the Fritz server

Maria Schöne, the U16 champion

The public watches the action on projection screens

Evgenia Smirina, U14 champion

Elena Winkelmann, the U12 champ

The opponents were located in other parts of the globe. One was Silvana Hidalgo, invited to Ajedrez Siglo 21 club by Gustavo Albarrán. Silvana is 12, and in 2001 she becam Argentinean U12 Champion Panamerican U12 vice champion. This year she started to compete in U14 category and came third at the Argentinean championship U14 and 5tth at the Panamerican U14 Championship. Her game against Sylvia Schöne is described on the Ajedres Siglo site.

Silvana Hidalgo in Buenos Aires during the game against Sylvia Schöne

The youngest player, Elena Winkelmann, took on Courtney Casey Lacrimosa, who is also 11 and has an OTB rating of over 1200 USCF. Courtney recently beat a 1900 rated player in a 30 minute game. Her father, Leopold Lacrimosa, is in charge of the Chess Emporium in Phoenix, Arizona.

Courtney from Phoenix, Arizona

Elena from Dresden, Germany

A report on their match appeared in the Arizona Republic

Germany's top female player Elisabeth Pähtz receives an honorary award

and the three younger champions recieve theirs for their winning the titles in their age categories.

The main sponsor Thilo von Selchow and main organisor Dr Dirk Jordan

ChessBase, with Frederic Friedel (middle) doing its bit as the equipment sponsor

Simultaneous Exhibition

Simultaneous display by GM Wolfgang Uhlmann

and Elisabeth Pähtz

Frederic Friedel trying his hand on Elisabeth's guitarre

Dresden at night

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