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4/4/2002 – He is unquetionably one of the great chess players of all time, twice world championship challenger, a top GM with great international successes, even today at the age of 71. Now Viktor Kortschnoi has been awarded the title of Doctor honoris causa by the Independent University of Moldova. He also inaugurated a new sports complex of the university, which bears the name of one of our favourite ChessBase contributors. More

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From March 30 to April 3 Viktor Kortschnoi visited Kishinev, the capital of Moldova. He was there to receive an honorary doctorate from the Independent University of Moldova (ULIM), and to inaugurate the new sports complex and chess club there. This bears the name "Elmira Skripchenko-Lautier", who is Moldova's top woman player and who has sent us the following pictures.

The minister of education of Modlova Georgii Sima and Viktor Korchnoi inaugurate the new sport complex and chess club of ULIM.

Elmira Skripchenko-Lautier, name patron of the ULIM sports complex

The Independent University has managed to create a chess team which plays in the European cup, with players who are all students of the university. This includes Almira (as we write it in Englisch), who lives in Paris with her husband GM Joel Lautier.

Members of the ULIM team, with IM Dimitri Svetushkin (3rd from left, red pullover), Viktor Kortschnoi (centre), ULIM Director Professor Andrei Galben (to the right of Kortschnoi), WGM Svetlana Petrenko (3rd from right) and GM Viorel Iordachesku (far right). All participated in an inaugural blitz tournament.

Viktor Kortschnoi in the blitz tournament, here playing Viorel Iordachesku

Prof. Galben gives Kortschnoi the first prize for blitz tournament.

The Professors' Union of ULIM, with over 80 scientists, award Viktor Kortschnoi the title of Doctor honoris causa.

ULIM Director Professor Andrei Galben, general secretary of the Moldova Chess Federation Feodor Skripchenko (Almira's father) and Viktor Kortschnoi.

Doctor h.c. Viktor Kortschnoi gave a lecture at the university on the role of chess in the human development and human individuality. 400 people attended.

Kortschnoi plays a simul against professors of ULIM. The score: 19-1.

Dr. Kortschnoi plays two one-on-one blitz games against Professor Galben, who is a 2200 player. The match ends in a courteous 1:1.

Kortschnoi's visit, the inauguration of the sports complex and the doctor title made the front page of all newspapers.

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