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4/21/2004 – Our Radio ChessBase lectures are becoming very popular. But some take place at odd hours, especially if you live in an odd time zone. Many visitors are complaining, but we have good news for you: the lectures are being recorded and archived. You can listen to them 24/7 – any time of the day or night.

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Hans Huizenga of Groningen, Holland, wrote: "I think really highly of ChessBase's recent initiatives, such as GM lecture and radiobroadcasts. However the broadcasting hours do not always fit into my timetable. I understand that in the case of GM/IM lectures this is an inconvenience that cannot be eased. However I think it is fairly simple to put the radiobroadcasts online, making it possible to enjoy the Chessbase radiobroadcasts at any time. Will you consider doing so?"

And Omar Jebari of Brighton, UK, sent a plaintive message: "I have been desperately trying to listen to the lectures, but being in the UK have to wait until 2 am until they are broadcast. Do you not archive these lectures in any form for users to enjoy at their leisure?"

Yes, Hans, in fact we have finished considering it and are actually offering the lectures in the Radio ChessBase archives (see below). And Omar, if you think 2 a.m. in the UK is bad for Dennis Monokroussos' lectures, pause to think about people living in Rome, Istanbul or Khartoum. It certainly is a nuisance that this planet is round and rotating.

However the miracle of the Internet allows us to provide the lectures offline. They are recorded as the lecturer speaks and then uploaded to special archives where you can listen to them at any time of the day or night.

The archives are under "Chess Media System", "English", "Radio ChessBase". Dennis Monokroussos has his own archive room. We will soon have similar locations for Boris Alterman and other prominent lecturers and teachers.

Once you are in the room you should click on the "Games" tab to see the entries there. The lectures are loaded like a normal game, with a double click.

Some of the lectures require a payment. One ducat is about 12 US cents, and that is what the cost for a 60 minute lecture is. Our links below tell you how to buy ducats. New members get 10 ducats automatically transferred to their accounts, which by the way is how much you have to pay to play in a simultaneous exhibition against GM Boris Alterman.

You can also win ducats in tournaments or by playing other visitors for a stake. VIPs, Grandmasters and other bigwigs get ducats automatically credited to their accounts when they play on the server.


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