DGT presents: World Premiere of the Foidos Chess Broadcast

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3/28/2008 – This October there will be a World Chess Championship between Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik. The event will be broadcast on the Internet by the Dutch technology company DGT, using six cameras to show the action during the games. To demonstrate the new broadcast system DGT is staging a simultaneous exhibition between Kramnik and two strong players on April 2nd. Press release.

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Press release

World Première of the Internet Presentation System Foidos
Chess Giants in Enschede

ENSCHEDE – On April 2nd a remarkable chess event will be played in Enschede (Netherlands). Vladimir Kramnik, World Chess Champion from 2000-2007, will face two young and talented Grandmasters: Marie Sebag (21) from France and the 24-year-old Dutchman Jan Werle in a simultaneous exhibition.

The event has a special dimension, as it will be taped with six video cameras. The recordings will be used to prepare the World Première of the Foidos Internet Presentation System. With Foidos, the Internet user will be able to watch live all aspects of a chess game. Not just the moves, but close-ups of the player’s faces, comments by a Grandmaster and integrated computer analysis of the position are transmitted with this revolutionary software.

The match will be played in the new offices of DGT (Digital Game Technology), Hengelosestraat 66 in Enschede (within walking distance of the central railway station) and starts at 14.00.

The arbiter will be experienced Dutchman Geurt Gijssen, previously chief arbiter of several World Championship matches. The top American GM Yasser Seirawan will be the commentator for this clock simul.

DGT is the world’s leading designer and producer of digital chess clocks and electronic chess boards. All top level chess events use DGT chess equipment.

Vladimir Kramnik (32) is a Russian chess player, living in Paris. Kramnik is the 14th World Chess Champion, a title he won in 2000 by beating Garry Kasparov. He lost his title in September 2007 to the Indian GM Viswanathan Anand. In October 2008, Anand and Kramnik will battle in a match for the World Championship in Bonn, Germany. During this match Foidos will be used to broadcast the games over the Internet. Kramnik shares the number one position in the world rankings with Anand. Both have 2799 Elo points.

Marie Sebag (21) owns the WGM (women grandmaster) and IM (international master) title. She is one of the most talented female chess players and recently entered the Women’s top 10 with a rating of 2510 points. Marie lives in Paris and has played in the Netherlands before. She scored her second GM norm in Vlissingen last year and participated in the Young Masters event in Hengelo several times.

Jan Werle (24) lives in Groningen. Alongside Kramnik, he was member of team that won the Dutch team championship last year. Jan has a rating of 2570, which puts him in eighth position in the Dutch ranking. He became an IM (international master) in 2001 at the age of 17 and Grandmaster in 2006.

Foidos is revolutionary internet chess presentation system, developed by DGT and several partners. It presents all aspects of a chess game via the Internet. Chess presentation on the Internet, using DGT e-boards and software, is a key feature of top level events. A move is transmitted within seconds after it is made on the board.

Foidos takes internet presentation several levels beyond the current standard. Not just the transmission of the moves is at hand for the Internet chess fan, but several video feeds can be watched. Features include: close-ups to show all (hidden) emotions of the players, “live” expert commentary of the games and interviews with special guests of the tournament.

During the game windows can be opened to witness the commentary by top level GM’s. Currently chess lovers have to visit a tournament for this experience. Now it will become accessible on the World Wide Web. Options to open a chat channel that connects the viewer with the commentator are built into the Foidos system. The user will also be able to link the games from a Foidos presentation to a chess playing program for further analysis.

Although Foidos is developed with chess in mind, it will be possible to use the system for other sports also. Foidos will be used on a “pay per view” basis during the Anand-Kramnik match in Bonn, but could be implemented for free if a sponsor or tournament organization is willing to invest in it.

Market analysis shows that an expectation of 150 to 250 thousand viewers during the World Championship Match in October is realistic.


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