Deal of the week – Nicholas Pert: Typical mistakes Vol. 1-3

by ChessBase
8/22/2022 – In chess, you learn best by making mistakes. And best of all, through the mistakes of others - because that hurts less. That is the concept of Nicholas Pert, the English grandmaster, who is an experienced trainer and knows the problems at every chess level. In 3 Fritztrainer courses he presents the typical mistakes categorised according to playing strength in order to increase sensitivity to one's own sources of error. This week we offer all 3 courses as a bundle at a special price: instead of €79.90 this week only €59.90

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Nicholas Pert is a chess grandmaster from England who has regularly played for the England team in Olympiads and European Team Championships. He is a former World U18 chess champion. Nick won the British Championship last year, and became second this year, just a couple of days ago.

On his Fritztrainer series he writes:

"As the National Head Coach for the English Chess Federation I train many improving players, and see some typical mistakes that repeat themselves.

In this DVD I have taken a large collection of games played by players, predominantly in the rating range 1600-1900, and I have looked for typical mistakes.

I have broken these examples into various themes such as “Miscalculating Forcing Lines”, “Being Too Materialistic” and “King Safety” amongst others. Each theme has several examples to demonstrate typical mistakes, and there are various test throughout the DVD so that the viewer can try and find the best move in certain positions.

This should be a great tool for players to use in order to improve their middlegame and endgame play. It will hopefully also highlight any areas that you need to work on in order to improve quickly. Enjoy the DVD!"

Order the Nicholas Pert Fritztrainer series now: €79.90 €59.90

Here's a sample of Nick describing the mistakes of 1000-1600 players:

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