Daniel King: World Championship Blunders

by ChessBase
1/5/2022 – In the 2021 World Championship match between challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi and defending champion Magnus Carlsen, Nepomniachtchi blundered in a couple of games. He is in good company. In his Power Play Chess show on YouTube Daniel King takes a look at blunders that happened in previous World Championship matches and found a number of amazing, amusing and entertaining mistakes made by the best players in the history of chess.

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Daniel King: World Championship Blunders

Chigorin vs Steinitz 1892

Capablanca - Alekhine, World Championship match 1927, Game 1

Euwe - Alekhine, World Championship match 1935, game 24

Alekhine - Euwe, World Championship match 1937, game 16

Fischer - Spassky 1972, Karpov - Kasparov 1990


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