Daniel King: What happens next?

6/26/2012 – ChessBase and British GM Danny King have come up with a new YouTube format for chess training. It consists of an annotated game in which the grandmaster leads the student to a key position and asks him to choose one of two strategical continuations. Depending on what you decide the video continues with a confirmation or refutation. It's an entertaining way to improve your chess.

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Daniel King: What happens next? Question #1

When you reach the end you can pause the video and study the position to decide which move you choose. Once you have made your choice GM King will explain whether your choice is correct or not, and more importantly why exactly this is the case. Even if you have chosen the correct move you might want to go back and see why the other alternative fails, all explained in the wonderfully didactic style of GM Daniel King.

Daniel King, born 1963, is a British grandmaster who has been a professional chess player for more than twenty years. He has represented his country in numerous competitions, amongst others in the historic win by the English over the Soviet Union in 1990 in Reykjavik.

King is the author of more than 15 chess books and has wealth of experience as a trainer, assisting many of England’s leading players. He is also well known for his broadcasting on TV, radio and the Internet, commentating on major chess events. To the delight of chess fans worldwide, he hosts his monthly "Powerplay" show on Playchess.com. He contributes to ChessBase Magazine with the popular column "Move by Move".

King has also produced the highly praised PowerPlay DVD series for ChessBase. You can find a catalog of all his ChessBase DVD publications here.

King lives in London.


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