Daniel King's video analysis: Carlsen vs Nakamura

7/14/2016 – What happened? Magnus Carlsen lost with White against Hikaru Nakamura, who played strong and calm chess. But where did the World Champion go wrong, what could he have done better, when was he lost and what opportunities did he miss? In his "Powerplay" YouTube channel English Grandmaster Daniel King tries to find answers to these and other questions. See the video...

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semprun semprun 7/15/2016 12:30
I am awfully sorry but, this time, Danny misses a number of critical issues discussed elsewhere, like e5 instead of f3, why not Bc1 instead of Rad1, and even Qe1 Rae1 much stronger and logical than Rfe1, although this is already a moot point. A pity
Pionki Pionki 7/14/2016 10:17
Ten slotte Dan, lang gewacht, is weer terug.