Daniel King's final report from the Baku Olympiad

by Frederic Friedel
9/14/2016 – In the final video report on the Baku Olympiad, Daniel King brings images and comments on the eleventh round. He talks about the big matches with the historic US victory, including the surprising tiebreak conundrums, which turned into a vertiable cliff-hanger, and a small chat with Ukraine's top board Pavel Eljanov. He discusses China's first Gold with Hou Yifan, and other tidbits from Azerbaijan. Plus additional on the spot interviews.

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Video Highlights of round eleven

GM Daniel King's final report from the Baku Olympiad

More videos from Baku

A very quick chat with Fabiano Caruana before the Closing Ceremony in Baku 2016 (1 minute)

A very quick chat with Baadur Jobava before the Closing Ceremony in Baku 2016 (2 minutes). Very interesting to hear how he became such an interesting, flamboyant player, and his appreciation of our video coverage.

A quick chat with John Donaldson after the final round in Baku 2016 (5½ minutes)

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