Daniel King: Highlights of round 5 in Baku

9/7/2016 – Maybe on day six of the Olympiad the players have firmly settled in and feel more and more inspired by the Olympic spirit, or they decided to try particularly hard before the free day after round five, or they were looking forward to the legendary Bermuda Party that invited players on Tuesday evening - but whatever the reason, round five in Baku brought many brilliancies. Daniel King presents three of them.

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yesenadam yesenadam 9/8/2016 05:54
About to watch this latest DK video over lunch.. Thank you GM King! i don't know if you feel sufficiently-appreciated for all these countless videos you've made; I sure hope so! I write this before watching it as I confidently assume it will be excellent as always. I've been watching them less than 10 years; I think they've been going a lot longer than that! I did see one of the early ones a lil while back. Woahh. :-) Thanks again, brilliant stuff much appreciated. It's a great blessing for the chess world to have you in it.