Daniel Fridman wins German Internet Championship

by Klaus Besenthal
5/12/2020 – The German Chess Internet Championship 2020 (DSIM) on the Playchess server ended this weekend with the victory of Grandmaster Daniel Fridman (2nd from right). After a total of four preliminary rounds and one intermediate round, 14 players had qualified for the final round, which was played as a round robin tournament with 3+2 Blitz games. After an exciting tournament, Fridman won with 10.5/13, ahead of Vincent Keymer (9.5/13) and Georg Meier (9/13).

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Final of the German Chess Internet Championship

Martin Fischer, who was responsible for the organisation of the tournament at ChessBase, reported back immediately after the end of the tournament that: "In sporting, organisational and in technical terms everything went perfectly". And grandmaster Klaus Bischoff, who commented live on the tournament on the ChessBase Twitch channel, was also very well-prepared for his task and at no time was he disturbed by the rapid succession of rounds. He accompanied his spectators through the tournament with his customary sovereignty. His assessment of the organisational process: "It went better than with boards made of wood!

Georg Meier

The German grandmaster from Trier could reach the third place with nine out of thirteen points. His only loss was against Roven Vogel in round ten.

Georg Meier has been a grandmaster since 2007 and has a lot of experience with online chess. He won the Internet Youth Championship in 2003 and has his own Twitch.tv channel, streaming tournaments and online chess.

A fabulous victory of Georg Meier against Vladimir Kramnik can be viewed in his German interview with ChessBase.

Probably his most spectacular game in this tournament was the one against Ilja Schneider in round number eight, which you can replay further below. | Photo: Grenke Chess

Vincent Keymer

The sixteen-year-old grandmaster is a youth hope for the German nation. He could reach his last necessary norm in 2020 and is Germany's youngest grandmaster of all time.

The Guardian reported, that Garry Kasparov called this talent "exceptional".

The showdown of the German Internet Chess Championship happened in round twelve, where Keymer was facing Daniel Fridman. Both players had to succeed, in order to win the tournament, with Fridman having the better end with the black pieces.

On the other hand, Keymer was able to win his last game with a rook sacrifice, which was declined by Matthias Blübaum on move 24! | Photo: Georgios Souleidis

Daniel Fridman

The winner of the German Internet Chess Championship has been one of Germany's best blitz chess players since many years.

The grandmaster, originally from Latvia, won the German Championship in 2008, 2012 and 2014 and keeps playing very good chess.

As mentioned before, the most important game to win the German Internet Chess Championship was the one in round twelve against Vincent Keymer. With a little luck and very good defensive skills, Fridman was able to win the game: | Photo: K. Wieland




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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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