Dangzhou: 16-year-old Yu Yangyi wins with 2880 performance

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5/24/2011 – It is one thing to have a mid-tournament performance above 2800, it is another to actually end with a nine-round performance of 2880, and that is exactly what 16-year-old Yu Yangyi just did. Not only that, but he butted heads with all the strongest players from the Chinese contingent, including an eighth-round win over 2nd place, Wang Yue (2714). Final illustrated report by Gu Xiaobing.

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The 2nd super grandmaster tournament will last from June 15 to 24, while the ten most prestigious Chinese grandmasters compete in a nine-round round-robin tournament. The time control is 90 minutes for the whole game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. Draw offers are not allowed before the 30th move.

The players wearing the tournament shirt in the opening ceremony

The players are GM Wang Hao (2732 Elo), GM Wang Yue (2714), reigning Chinese champion GM Ding Liren (2664), GM Bu Xiangzhi (2662), GM Ni Hua (2661), GM Li Chao (2656), GM Yu Yangyi (2646), GM Zhou Jianchao (2636), reigning Women World Champion GM Hou Yifan (2612), and GM Zhou Weiqi (2610).

2nd Danzhou tournament - Closing ceremony

By Gu Xiaobing

After nine rounds of the toughest competition China has to offer, the youngest player in the field GM Yu Yangyi finished with a fantastic 7.0/9 and won the event 1.5 points ahead of second-place Wang Yue. With this he achieved a performance rating of 2880! Yu Yangyi was born in June of 1994 June, which makes him four months younger than Woman World champion, Hou Yifan. He's one of China's (and the world's) fastest rising stars.

16-year-old Yu Yangyi brandishing his first-place trophy

Here was a decisive game in the penultimate round against the second-place and world-class player, Wang Yue.

Wang,Yue (2714) - Yu,Yangyi (2646) [E20]
2nd GM Danzhou CHN (8), 23.05.2011

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Nf3 c5 5.g3 Nc6 6.Bg2 Ne4 7.Bd2 Nxd2 8.Qxd2 cxd4 9.Nxd4 Qb6 10.Nb3 a5

11.c5!? An enterprising decision that gives White good play for his pawn. 11...Bxc5 12.Nxc5 Qxc5 13.Ne4 Qb4 14.Nd6+ Ke7 15.0-0-0 Qxd2+ 16.Rxd2 Rb8 17.Rhd1 Ne5. Though Black is pretty tied up at the moment, White still has to play precisely. The knight on e5 is threatening to do a real show in the position. 18.h3 b5 19.b3 f6 20.Be4 Nf7 21.Nxf7 Kxf7 22.Rc2. 22.Rxd7+ Bxd7 23.Rxd7+ Kf8 24.Bd3 might have offered good drawing chances, but Wang Yue was a half point behind, and was no doubt seeking the win. 22...f5 23.Bf3 d5 24.Rc7+ Kf6

25.Ra7. A stronger plan was probably 25.Kb2 a4 26.Rdc1 Rd8 27.Ra7 Bd7 (27...Rd7? 28.Rxc8) 28.Rcc7 and the doubled rooks should be enough for at least the draw. 25...a4 26.Kb2 axb3 27.axb3 Rd8 28.Rc1 Bd7 29.Rcc7 Ke7 30.e3 Kd6 31.Be2 b4 32.f4 Rb6 33.h4 g6 34.Bd3 h6 35.Bc2 Rc6 36.Rcb7 Rc3 37.Rxb4 Rxe3 38.Rb6+ Kc5 39.Rbb7 Bc6 40.Rc7 Kb6 41.b4 d4 42.Bb3 d3 43.Ba4 Re2+ 44.Kc3 Ra2 45.b5 Rxa4 0-1. [Click to replay]

The podium winners, Bu Xiangzhi (3rd), Yu Yangyi (1st), and Wang Yue (2nd)

The rest of the best: Wang Hao, Zhou Jianchao, Ding Liren, Zhou Weiqi, Li Chao,
Hou Yifan, and Ni Hua.

The vice director of China Qiyuan, Ms.Chen Zelan, is giving her speech. China Qiyuan
is the official government agency responsible for games such as go, bridge, chess,
and xiang-qi (chinese chess).

Yu Yangyi expresses his exhilaration at the win

The players and official dignitaries

Final standings

About the author

The online game commentator and reporter WGM Gu Xiaobing, is a chess hostess and journalist, serving as a presenter at this tournament and others. She won the World University Championship, placed 2nd at the World Youth championship, 2nd place in the Chinese Championship - A group, and won the Chinese Championship - B group.


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