Come and get it – Fritz 15 released!

11/25/2015 – As you may have noticed – if you pay attention to the info screen that appears the first time you come to our news page – the latest 64 bit multiprocessor version of our flagship program is now available. Not only is it stronger than any Fritz we have previously released, it also has some amazing new training features. And it gives you access to the great new ChessBase Account World.

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Fritz 15 64 bit multiprocessor version

Today the new Fritz 15 has been released – you can order the Fritz 15 DVD in the ChessBase shop. Or the download version, which allows you to install and test the new Fritz immediately. But what about Deep Fritz 15? There is no such thing, because Fritz 15 is already a multiprocessor version! Theoretically, the Fritz 15 engine can use the computing power of up to 2048 cores simultaneously.

Fritz 15 – new Fritz, new friend

Enjoy many exciting hours with your new training partner: Fritz 15! The completely reworked “friend” mode makes Fritz 15 the ideal training partner. During the course of a game, Fritz is able to constantly tailor its level to your playing strength and to how much time you are using. The program can give you a sign when a tactical opportunity presents itself, or point out typical mistakes to help you improve.

Another exciting element is the new evaluation function that analyzes your playing skill throughout the game. Where are your strengths, where are your weaknesses? The opening? Middlegame? Or perhaps the endgame? Fritz 15 gives you an Elo rating for all three phases! You definitely need to see this!

Improve your conversion technique

“I should have won that!” How often have you been frustrated after playing a good game of blitz on that somehow went wrong? Stoke your curiosity and find out what could have been with Fritz 15 – Fritz can now show you what you missed right after the game. You can, of course, also try to find the way to win yourself using the handy exercise function – an approach certain to boost your own conversion technique and playchess Elo!

New author, new engine

Vasik Rajlich is new to the Fritz team. The American shook up the world of computer chess just a few years ago, reaching the top with his program, “Rybka”. He is the author of the new Fritz 15 engine, so there’s no question that it will be one of the world’s strongest. The Fritz 15 engine is a multiprocessor version and can theoretically use up to 2048 cores!

The ChessBase Account – discover the whole ChessBase world with Fritz 15!

Fritz 15 offers direct access to the server and to the many new ChessBase web tools: the ChessBase video library with hundreds of training videos, the tactic server with more than 50,000 exercises, the brand new opening training App, the live database with 8 million games, Let's Check, etc.

You can access all that directly from Fritz 15! The delivery of Fritz 15 includes six months premium access to the ChessBase accounts. Just log on with your playchess account and get to know the new sides of the ChessBase world!

"Video" – the ChessBase video library

The new ChessBase Video Library is the comprehensive web archive of all chess broadcasts shown on the Playchess server during the last years. It includes highlights such as Daniel King's "Power Play" show, Karsten Müller's "Endgame Magic Show" or TV ChessBase. Currently about 300 videos are online and the number is constantly growing! Highly recommended: "Move by move" with Daniel King or Simon Williams.

Repertoire training

What is the best way to remember all the lines of your opening repertoire? By playing them on the board! That is one idea behind the new interactive "Openings" tool: you first enter the lines of your repertoire (the server automatically saves your repertoire for later sessions) and then you can actively practice the lines – move by move.

But that is not all: when entering your repertoire the Live Book helps you with an extensive and up-to-date overview of all opening systems including statistical evaluations! Chances are good that you will soon discover attractive alternatives to your current repertoire in the Live Book. Have a look at it! Stay curious and enlarge your opening knowledge in a playful way.

My server games and more

"Shall I show you my games?" With the MyGames Cloud and a browser this is a matter of seconds. Just log on to "MyGames" and you will get a list of your games. For example, you will find all the games you played with your account on Playchess. If you have ChessBase 13 the databases from your ChessBase cloud will also automatically be offered to you!

Show your chess friends your most beautiful games. Analyse them together or let Fritz Online search for improvements.

"Training" - Sac, sac, mate!

Practice makes perfect! 90% of all chess games are decided through tactics. Improve your tactical power with the new Tactics App! More than 34,000 training tasks await you – a varied mix from one-movers to more complicated tests with quiet moves! Here you can see all patterns and tricks you might encounter during your next tournament game.

"Live Database" – immediate access to eight million games

The "Live Database" offers access to games from the whole history of chess up to the most recent grandmaster games. Enter moves of a variation on the board and one mouse click tells you which masters play this line. The opening book tells you which moves are the theoretical mainlines and where promising sidelines are hidden!

Always up-to-date: every week the Live Database is updated with the newest games. You don't have to worry about editing the games or updating your database. Every year more than 200,000 games are added to the Live Database, and you will probably not even notice when it happens!

Order Fritz 15 now!

Fritz 15

Languages: English
EAN: 9783866815056
Delivery: Download, Post
Level: Any
Price: €69.90 or €58.74 without VAT (and for customers outside the EU)

What does the modern chess player need? A sparring partner, a trainer, an up-to-date database and access to an online chess server! Fritz, probably the world’s most popular chess program (think back to Fritz’s unforgettable victories against Kasparov, Kramnik & Co) offers just that for beginners and tournament players alike: it plays at the highest level, offers training features for every stage of the game and comes with access to It also includes management and analysis options for your own games, as well as a database with two million games.

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Zapu Zapu 11/3/2016 12:02
Is there a Mac version in the pipeline?
szango szango 2/24/2016 05:47
On how many computers you can install Fritz, 15. I have 3 laptops ?.
Leonardo vinagre é compatível, basta ler os requerimentos mínimos, até nas versões mais obsoletas como o
windows XP e windows 7 corre muito bem!
leonardo vinagre leonardo vinagre 11/27/2015 12:07
Ele é compatível com Windows 10?
amazme1 amazme1 11/26/2015 09:54
Would like to buy this software, but since switching to MAC I can't. Hopefully Chessbase will have future versions of their software that either run on the OSX platform or Steam.
lucifuge lucifuge 11/26/2015 10:42
I haven't bought Fritz for many versions. It once had an automatic annotate feature for a game based on a threshold you set. It would write text as well as chess moves. Can this still be done?
genem genem 11/26/2015 04:44
Still wish that in the Fritz 15 user interface, its whole game analysis of every move offered additionally to show what the color that is Not on-turn would move (and what the resulting centipawn evaluation would be), if magically it was that color's turn to move again (as when the Null move is used).

Nice to see Vasik Rajlich back in the action.
Exclam Exclam 11/25/2015 09:16
Anyone know how you can obtain your ELO rating on openings, middlegame and endings as mentioned above. Haven't been able to figure out what functions to use, unless they are simply referring to opening training, endgame training and middlegame training. Reading it above I assumed it meant it was going to evaluate your game and give you the elo ratings of each stage. If anyone knows please share.
walirlan walirlan 11/25/2015 09:06
Hello Chessbase. Is there any discount for those who bought previous versions? I have purchased Fritz 13 version. Please, let me know.
nelsonmunoz nelsonmunoz 11/25/2015 05:03
run into 32bits laptop?
thirteen thirteen 11/25/2015 04:55
If you check on which is the site where they test engines vs engines, you will see that Deep Fritz 14 is currently the best rated Fritz [currently at number 20 in the world] and that it says they display and test only the 'best variation' of each maker. It could be that Fritz 15 is 'one of the best in the world' but is deceptively not stronger than Deep Fritz 14 for playing strength, other new/great facilities aside.
Nordlandia Nordlandia 11/25/2015 04:41
Fritz 15 first impressions: very good and the extra features is neat.
ybrl2 ybrl2 11/25/2015 01:04
Any chance of a Mac OS X version? 😀
CID64 CID64 11/25/2015 01:04
+ easy access to chess base account,Monte Carlo analysis,graph in friend mode
- no sparring with old "very easy,easy,normal,hard,very hard"module,no way to log out the blinking light vhen the computer make a bad move.In a real game,my opponent don't say me:"Hey,I made a mistake,here you have a combination !"