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10/5/2020 – Claus Dieter Meyer was a prominent and legendary figure in German chess: as a player, author, trainer, and analyst. On March 5, 2020, Meyer died after a long illness at the age of 73. As a tribute to the many achievements and the friendly personality of Meyer, his club, the SV Werder Bremen, now organises a strong tournament to remember him: the Claus Dieter Meyer Memorial. | Photo: Werder Bremen

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Remembering C.D. Meyer

Claus Dieter Meyer, who was born on August 1, 1946, in Bremen, was a chess enthusiast in the best sense. After working as an insurance broker, he decided to pursue a career in chess, and worked as a freelance chess journalist for various magazines and soon gained a reputation as an excellent analyst, author and chess trainer. He also was a strong player who played for Werder Bremen in the 1. and 2. Bundesliga. Here is a quick win that shows his tactical abilities.


Meyer wrote a number of books about various chess topics and published three ChessBase DVDs in cooperation with Karsten Müller: Magic of Chess Tactics, Magic of Chess Tactics 2, and Magical Chess Endgames, which appeared posthumously.

On top of that he worked as a translator and made works such as Alexander Kotov's Think Like a Grandmaster and Kotov's Play Like a Grandmaster, or John Nunn's Tactical Chess Endings and Nunn's The Najdorf for the Tournament Player more accessible to German chess fans.

For many years Meyer also worked as a trainer in Hamburg and Bremen and helped many young German players to develop. He was extremely popular, and most people amicably called him "CD" though everyone knew who was meant. His passion for chess was infectious and inspired his students and many others.

Photo: Werder Bremen

To honour "CD" his club SV Werder Bremen now organizes "The C.D. Meyer Memorial", a  9-round Swiss with 22 players that will take place from October 10 to October 18. With five Grandmasters and a number of titleholders the field is strong. Top seeds are Alexander Donchenko and Romain Edouard.


No. Name Elo
1 Donchenko,Alexander 2654
2 Edouard,Romain 2645
3 Papp,Gabor 2602
4 Kollars,Dmitrij 2585
5 Fier,Alexandr 2560
6 Johansson,Linus 2493
7 Zwirs,Nico 2453
8 Lubbe,Nikolas 2443
9 Grigorian,Spartak 2405
10 Reuker,Jari 2401
11 Rafiee,Makan 2334
12 Pajeken,Jakob Leon 2332
13 Köllner,Ruben Gideon 2330
14 Papp,Sarah 2327
15 Schulze,Lara 2314
16 Wachinger,Nikolas 2304
17 Coll Ortega,Jordi 2268
18 Lubbe,Melanie 2254
19 Colbow,Collin 2210
20 Kardoeus,David 2197
21 Steffens,Olaf 2171
22 Payyappat,Sreyas 2163


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