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12/7/2016 – ChessBase 14 has a lot of nice little features that help you to get better. One of these features is the "Assisted Analysis". It sets your chess mind working and makes you focus on the board. What is and how to use "Assisted Analysis"?

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"Assisted Analysis" - A short tutorial

Click a piece and its target squares will light up in a color related to the strength of the move to that square. Green moves are strong, yellow moves are mediocre, red moves are mistakes, blue moves are book moves, and black moves are mating.

Assisted Analysis is a new approach to interactive chess analysis:

  • You get information about all possible moves of a piece at one glance
  • No need to avert your eyes from the board and no need to process numbers and moves – you just look at the pieces
  • No hassle with creating and deleting trial-and-error variations in the game notation
  • Your chess cognition is constantly challenged, because you ask yourself questions like “Why is this natural square for my knight marked red?” Sometimes the answer can be deep and lead to insights which you would not stumbled across with conventional engine output
  • Compare to the mental passivity of simply entering engine lines

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