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by Frederic Friedel
3/18/2017 – As you probably know we installed some very interesting new functionality on our news page. On the right you see a list of "Live Tournaments" – events that are currently or were recently broadcast on Playchess. A single click takes you to a luxury broadcast page where you can follow the most important games, or replay all of them from the event, analysing them with engine assistance. But best of all: you can load deep realtime analysis and find out instantly what happened. All without leaving the news page!

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If you go to our main news page you see a section with the title "Live Tournaments" to the right of the main story.

As we write these lines the four most important tournaments that are being broadcast are the following:

The German Chess Bundesliga, with more world class players than you can count

The Danish Team Championship, also with top 2500-2600 players

The Lithuanian Team Championship, also with 2500-2600 GMs

The Georgian Women's Championship, with some top female players


Clicking on any of the links on the right side of the news page will take you to the live broadcast of the event. These are the most-watched tournaments that Playchess is currently broadcasting.

If the tournament you are looking for in not in the list you can go to our Live Broadcast page and will probably find them there.


Clicking on an event, e.g. the Georgian Women's Championship, with produce a board with the top three games (or just one game, if you are watching with a smartphone).

Clicking on one of the small boards or one of the games in the list will transfer it to the main board.

At the bottom you have links to all the rounds played so far – and to other interesting events

Of particular interest is the link "Analysis". Is shows you that 27 games from this event have been analysed and annotated by a very powerful computer. Clicking on a game in the list that appears will open it on the large board:

Note that there are didactic opening notes, tactical analysis, threats, better lines – all given in natural language. Diagrams are inserted in key positions.

The evaluation bar below the notation indicates how the game went for the two players. Here Black went down around move 58. Clicking on the evaluation bar itself will take you to where it all happened.

You probably know that on our JavaScript live broadcast board you can move pieces to analyse, and even start an engine to help you. You can maximize the replayer, auto-play, flip the board and even change the piece style in the bar below the board. At the bottom of the notation window on the right there are buttons for editing (delete, promote, cut lines, unannotate, undo, redo) save, play out the position against Fritz and even embed our JavaScript replayer on your web site or blog. Hovering the mouse over any button will show you its function.

So basically you can watch all the action from around the world with a few clicks:

  1. Go to our ChessBase News page (which you hopefully do once a day anyway);
  2. Check on the right which events are being currently broadcast;
  3. Choose one and watch the games live;
  4. Click on "Analysis" to see what happened in finished games;
  5. Click on the evaluation bar to jump straight to the position where it happened.

It is so simple, and provides such a lot of chess enjoyment.

Editor-in-Chief emeritus of the ChessBase News page. Studied Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of Hamburg and Oxford, graduating with a thesis on speech act theory and moral language. He started a university career but switched to science journalism, producing documentaries for German TV. In 1986 he co-founded ChessBase.


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