"chess4peace": The Emanuel Lasker Society appeals for donations to help Ukraine

by ChessBase
3/7/2022 – Under the motto "Chess4Peace" and in solidarity with the people in Ukraine, the Emanuel Lasker Society has issued an appeal for donations. If you want to help, you can donate to an account set up by the Emanuel Lasker Society.

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Appeal for donations

The Emanuel Lasker Society appeals to all chess friends worldwide to reduce the suffering caused by the invasion in Ukraine. There is a wealth of possibilities to make donations. May everyone give what suits him or her. Every contribution counts.

Anyone who would like to contribute directly via the ELG is invited to do so. Then please indicate the subject "chess4peace" in every transfer to our account (IBAN: DE20 1208 0000 4050 6357 00). The ELS will ensure that every donation is used one-to-one for humanitarian purposes in accordance with the bylaws of the ELS. The minimum contribution should not be less than the symbolic sum of 64,00 €. Each supporter should also send an e-mail with their postal address so that the sticker shown in the teaser picture can be sent as a thank you for their contribution.

The sticker can also be ordered from the Emanuel Lasker Society at a unit price of €8.00, regardless of any donation or contribution. A short e-mail is sufficient (info@lasker‑gesellschaft.de).

Berlin, 03 March 2022

Thomas Weischede, Chairman


Emanuel Lasker Society

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