The Chess Train rolls again

by André Schulz
7/11/2018 – The chess train continues this year, with the great route Prague-Ostrava-Warsaw-Krakow-Hradec Králové and back to Prague. During the ride, a rapid chess tournament is played. In the afternoon there is enough time to see the cities. Find out about this now-traditional and quickly-becoming-legendary tournament. | Photos: Pavel Matocha

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Czech Railways Chess Train 2018

One of many great ideas that the Prague chess organizer Pavel Matocha had was the "chess train". This October, the train will be rolling for the eighth time, connecting several major cities in Central Europe. The route is different each year, and this Autumn the train runs from Prague to Warsaw, with stops in Krakow, Hradec Králové and Ostrava.

group photo

Pavel Matocha welcomes the travellers (click or tap to enlarge)

While you usually want to get to your destination when travelling by train, on the "chess train" both the ride itself and the stops are equally appealing: on the journey, you get to play, meet and engage with like-minded chess friends, who share a passion for travel as well as chess. Over the past few years, some very prominent passengers have checked in, for example, grandmasters Vlastimil Hort, Suat Atalik and Ian Rogers. 


In the foreground: GMs Ian Rogers plays Vlastimil Hort

The 2018 train starts, as always, in Prague and goes via Ostrava to Warsaw, from there to Krakow and Hradec Králové back to Prague. The journey begins on October 12th and ends on October 16th.


The train route makes a sort of butterfly (click or tap to enlarge)

On the way, a total of 11 rounds of rapid chess (while moving rapidly) will be played. The pure travel costs for the train ride are 199 euros plus 149 euros for any non-playing companions. In addition, the accommodation costs at the intermediate stations may be made either through the organizers in selected hotels (recommended for getting to know your new or old chess friends) or on your own. 


2018 poster (click or tap to enlarge)

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naisortep naisortep 7/14/2018 09:41
Prague is mentioned twice on their promotional poster.