Chess on wheels

by André Schulz
2/13/2015 – One of the world's most original tournament venues is the Prague chess train. In the evening you explore fascinating European cities, on your journey you play chess. This year the trainride lasts from 9. to 13. October and will start and end in Prague. Train tickets cost 180 euros, including the starting fee. Tickets are limited, so best register now.

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Chess Train 2015

The chess train rolls again. Its journey will begin on 9. October 2015, and this year the route is Prague-Dresden-Wroclaw-Bratislava-Vienna-Prague. On the journey the chess travellers will play rapid chess tournaments on the train and on 13. October they will be back in Prague. The stops in the various cities leave time for sightseeing and offer an opportunity to see these famous European cities, which all have a great chess tradition: Wilhelm Steinitz was born in Prague, Dresden was host of the Chess Olympiad 2008, Bratislava is the hometown of Adolf Anderssen and Siegbert Tarrasch, Bratislava is, amongst other things, hometown of Lubomir Ftacnik, and in the 19th century Vienna was the chess center of Europe boasting of countless chess cafés.

Playing a chess tournament on wheels is an idea of Pavel Matocha, chess organiser from Prague, and his Chess Society Prague. In 2011 the train started moving, and 2015 is the fifth edition of this tournament. Among the chess travellers were a number of prominent players: Vlastimil Hort has played a number of times and last year Ian Rogers also took part.

The train tickets  - including starting fee - cost 180 Euros (partners who do not play in the tournament pay 120 Euros). In the various cities the organiser arranges accomodation for reasonable prices.

Take the train...

Impressions from previous journeys


...and blue

Chess legend Vlastimil Hort about to enter the chess train.

Here we go!

The service team is in no mood for the Berlin defense.

The chess train 2014 had GM Vlastimil Hort and GM Ian Rogers on board.

2014 the train stopped in Budapest...

...where chess seems to be played everywhere.

Wilhelm Steinitz was born in Prague

Another well-known train waiting for magical journeys...


Photo gallery 2011...

Photo gallery 2012...

Photo gallery 2013...

Photo gallery 2014...


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