Chess Olympiad LIVE: Double-gold for China

by ChessBase
10/5/2018 – Closing ceremony, top Round 11 matches, final standings and commentary from the 43rd World Chess Olympiad taking place in Batumi, in the Republic of Georgia. China took gold in the Open followed by the USA (silver) and Russia (bronze), all tied on match points. In the Women's it was China and Ukraine with gold and silver, with Georgia taking the clear bronze. All Round 11 matches at

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Closing Ceremony

Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018 Live Stream

Round 11

Live commentary

Commentary by GM Ivan Sokolov and IM Sopiko Guramishvili

Final standings in the Open section (top 20)

Rk. Team Team
1 China CHN
2 United States of America USA
3 Russia RUS
4 Poland POL
5 England ENG
6 India IND
7 Vietnam VIE
8 Armenia ARM
9 France FRA
10 Ukraine UKR
11 Sweden SWE
12 Czech Republic CZE
13 Germany GER
14 Austria AUT
15 Azerbaijan AZE
16 Uzbekistan UZB
17 Iran IRI
18 Hungary HUN
19 Egypt EGY
20 Greece GRE

Top 5 matches (Open)

All matches are available at

United States - China
France - Russia
India - Poland
Azerbaijan - Serbia
Czech Republic - Ukraine

Final standings in the Women section (top 20)

Rk. Team Team
1 China CHN
2 Ukraine UKR
3 Georgia 1 GEO1
4 Russia RUS
5 Hungary HUN
6 Armenia ARM
7 United States of America USA
8 India IND
9 Georgia 2 GEO2
10 Azerbaijan AZE
11 Kazakhstan KAZ
12 France FRA
13 Spain ESP
14 Iran IRI
15 Vietnam VIE
16 Poland POL
17 Uzbekistan UZB
18 Belarus BLR
19 Slovakia SVK
20 Mongolia MGL

Top 5 matches (Women)

All matches are available at

China - Russia
Ukraine - United States
Georgia - Armenia
Poland - Spain
India - Mongolia


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fgkdjlkag fgkdjlkag 10/10/2018 04:18
I wonder why the lowest team is removed from SB for the olympiad. Why not remove the bottom 2 teams, or the bottom 3? What is special about the bottom team?

Also, according to one of the GMs interviewed, the formula for doing the pairings used a different tiebreak ranking than the tiebreak used for the final results, which if true does not make sense.
bbrodinsky bbrodinsky 10/6/2018 02:37
Several decades ago I finished 2nd in a little tournament in New Jersey. The TD explained that I didn't finish first due to the "SB" system. I didn't know what that was, I told him "reverse those letters and that's what you've got" and walked away..... a bit of unsportsmanlike behavior on my part!
Actually, I have no problem with the system itself. It is the lack of up-to-the-minute knowledge for the players that is wrong. Come on, man, this is the computer age, if you're going to use the system, there should be a computer screen where the teams can know precisely the current status of the tournament. It's as if, in the final round of the world's championship, MC or FC don't even know if they can draw or go for a win! It's a ridiculous system only because of lack of knowledge.
pd98 pd98 10/6/2018 09:17
For those who are confused by the Sonneborn-Berger tiebreaker, I did some math out of curiosity, and here's how China overtake US in the final round.

The tiebreaker is the sum of the board points scored against a team multiplied by that team's match points in the tournament, without the team that has the lowest match point. At the end of round 10, US led China by 4 points, and after round 11, China is up by 12 points.

So what made up the 16 point difference? The big one is Panama and Georgia3, they had the lowest match points (11) after round 10, and US scored 4:0 vs Panama (4x11=44) and 2.5:1.5 vs Georgia3 (2.5*11=27.5). Since we are dropping the team with the lowest match point, and given we have a tie, we dropped the 27.5 for US. But in round 11, Panama lost and Georgia3 won, so now instead of having 44 points between those two teams, US only got 2.5*13=32.5 for Georgia3. Lost of 11.5 points.

For China, the lowest opponent score was Morocco both after round 10 and 11, so nothing changed.

The rest of the opponents for US, Netherland/Israel/Bosnia/Croatia lost, India/Poland/Armenia draw (2.5+1.5+2.5)*1=6.5, Azerbaijan won 2.5*2=5, US gain 11.5 points.

The rest of the opponents for China, Colombia/Peru/Croatia/Netherland lost, Czech/Ukrain/Poland draw (1+2+3)*1=6, Azerbaijan/Iran won (2.5+2.5)*2=10, China gain 16 points.

Last time US won gold due to the same reason, with Jordan (Ukrain beat them 4:0) dropped to the lowest opponent for Ukrain after last round, and let US won the gold. This time it's Panama (US beat them 4:0) dropped to the lowest opponent instead of Georgia3.
jsaldea12 jsaldea12 10/6/2018 05:42
It was widely published but unofficially that all that USA team would do is draw all games with China to cling the gold. And that is what they did drew all games, was misled, shocking, was beaten by the complex scoring system. I believe there should be a playoff. Thatwas not fair, USA has higher points.
LLeow LLeow 10/6/2018 05:15
in the open section poland faced by far the strongest opponents, facing the top eight seeds in rounds 4-11. against this brutal opposition they scored +4 =3 -1. in a swiss system tournament the result from the last few rounds is often critical, and poland paid the price for losing to china in round 10. unfortunately does not calculate the performance rating for the team as a whole. if they did i suspect that poland would be on top.

among individual players, ding and caruana were phenomenal. they carried their teams to the top.
JackCrabb JackCrabb 10/6/2018 12:58
Could anybody please explain this weird tie-break system (not a word about it on the official site), and why board points as first criterium, well-proven in countless team tournaments, wasn't used in Batumi instead ?
s8977 s8977 10/5/2018 09:45
Strange result as usa was leading on the average points before the last round. it should be a big surprise even for the chinese team to win the olympiad.
Raymond Labelle Raymond Labelle 10/5/2018 07:27
The first three are very very close - if USA would have held a draw against Poland... If Russia would have held a draw against Poland (Both USA and Russia can be grateful that Poland, at least, was "fair" to both of them). If Poland would have held a draw against China... If Ukraine would have beaten China (it was a draw)... If USA would have beaten Israel (it was a draw)...

Does not take much to make a decisive difference.
Raymond Labelle Raymond Labelle 10/5/2018 07:18
Amazing precision in the game between Caruana and Ding: ninety six percent and ninety percent.
lwquig lwquig 10/3/2018 09:47
why only three games for USA vs Poland?
GrayDuck GrayDuck 10/1/2018 05:35
Look at how the three Georgian teams are lined up in the rankings!
albitex albitex 10/1/2018 05:09
What happens to Russia? It risks not to take a medal, both men and women! Decline of leadership.
jsaldea12 jsaldea12 10/1/2018 03:25
What is the3 difference between tsunami and Batumi? In tsunami, you run away, in Batumi, you come together and play. Would you likwe to play BATUMI? From now on, chess and Batumi are one and the same