Chess is good for you!

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10/21/2020 – Though it might be hard to believe after a bitter loss science indicates that chess is good for you. The "Healthline" website took a look at the "The 10 Best Benefits of Playing Chess" and explains why chess is good for your health, your mind, and the development of your personality. | Photo: Magnus Carlsen | Photo: Lennart Ootes (Archive)

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Ten good reasons to play chess

Referring to numerous scientific studies, "Healthline" names ten good reasons to play chess and concludes as follows:

Chess has many cognitive benefits, including the ability to improve your:

  • intelligence
  • empathy
  • memory
  • planning and problem-solving skills
  • creative abilities

Chess can also help with the symptoms or severity of several health conditions, including dementia, ADHD, and panic attacks. In addition, playing this challenging game can help you find a sense of flow or improve the effectiveness of your therapy sessions.

However, "Healthline" also has a warning for their readers:

If you’re considering chess as a hobby, you should know that it can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you plan to master the game or compete in tournaments. Whether these drawbacks outweigh the potential cognitive health benefits is something you’ll have to determine for yourself. It’s your move.

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