Chess in the digital age

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8/27/2014 – Using a single software package, Former US Correspondence Champion Edwards tells us, he is now able to accomplish in an hour more than he did as a chess youngster in ten. He should know: he has just published an ultimate guide to the program ChessBase, 356 pages long and illustrated with hundreds of screen shots. Don't miss it: this is the ultimate guide to ChessBase.

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“Life is better than ever,” says Jon Edwards. “Know simply that a single software package, ChessBase 12, and its polished data now permit savvy chess players to accomplish more in an hour than I ever did as a chess youngster in ten.”

Former US Correspondence Champion Edwards continues: “At its heart is a simple fact. With ChessBase, players have instantaneous access to all of the data they need. If chess were an academic discipline, and there is good reason to think of it that way, we would refer to ChessBase as a scholar’s environment, a place harboring all relevant information as well as the sophisticated tools required to make sense of it all.”

What makes Jon Edwards (57) heap such praise on ChessBase? Maybe because he knows what he is talking about. He has just published a remarkable book, a 356 pages guide that covers and illustrates all aspects of using ChessBase. It is titled ChessBase Complete: Chess in the Digital Age.

Showing hundreds of helpful screenshots from the program, Edwards demonstrates how, with ChessBase:

  1. Opening preparation is quick, comprehensive, fully- up-to-date, and effective;
  2. You can quickly locate and review important games in every opening, middlegame type, and endgame;
  3. You can instantly see what worldwide engines think about most opening and many middlegame positions;
  4. You can instantly see where you and your opponents erred;
  5. You can reliably prepare chess books for publication in print or on the web…

This book explains, says Edwards, how the software can help you to improve your play, your learning, your teaching, your writing, or simply your love of and enthusiasm for the game.

“I have written this book because I have come to know , as a chess player, as a chess teacher, and as a chess author that ChessBase is instrumental to every aspect of chess.”

Jon Edwards lives in Pennington, New Jersey, and has taught chess to more than 1500 students over 30 years. He has written several other chess books, including 'Sacking the Citadel', on the classic bishop sacrifice.

We asked GM Karsten Müller, author of the endgame section in ChessBase Magazine, for his opinion on this book, and he commented:

"Jon Edwards is not only a real power user and computer expert, but also an experienced chess teacher. He succeeds wonderfully in explaining all aspects with great clarity, using many ChessBase graphics to illustrate his points. You will be amazed at the many fascinating possibilities you may have overlooked."

ChessBase Complete: Chess in the Digital Age

By Jon Edwards

Published by Russell Enterprises, 2014,
ISBN 978936490547
Paperback, 356 pages
Price: €29.95 / $34.95

Imported in Europe by New In Chess, Holland
Available at your local (chess) bookseller or
at New In Chess and Amazon

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