Chess Festival Lublin: Europe wins against Poland

by André Schulz
6/23/2016 – This year the 8. European Chess Festival in Lublin, Poland, was a match between Poland and "Europe". The two teams consisted of three players who played twice against all players of the other team. Top scorer of the event was Czech player David Navara who finished with 5.0/6 and secured the "European" victory by winning against Jacek Tomczak in the last and decisive round.

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Since 2009 the Polish town of Lublin has been host to the "European Chess Festival", and over the years the organisers have experimented with different formats. Last year Poland and Ukraine played a team match, and the 8. European Chess Festival, which took place from 13th to 18th of June, again saw a team match - but this time Poland had to battle against "Europe". The three Polish players Kasper Piorun, Mateusz Bartel and Jacek Tomczak faced Czech player David Navara, Martyn Kravtsiv from Ukraine and Dimitrios Mastrovasilis from Greece.

The match was rather balanced most of the time but in the last round David Navara secured a narrow 7-5 victory for Europe by winning against Jacek Tomczak.





Rg.   Team 1a 1b 2a 2b  Wtg1   Wtg2 
Europe  *   *  1,5 / 1,5 / 2 1 / 1,5 / 2 7 9,5
Poland 1,5 / 1,5 / 1 2 / 1,5 / 1  *   *  5 8,5


All games



Individual results

Nr.     Name Elo Team Pkt. Anz % Br.
GM Navara David 2744 Europe 5,0 6 83,3 1
GM Piorun Kacper 2676 Poland 3,5 6 58,3 2
GM Bartel Mateusz 2640 Poland 3,0 6 50,0 2
GM Kravtsiv Martyn 2634 Europe 3,0 6 50,0 2
GM Tomczak Jacek 2588 Poland 2,0 6 33,3 2
GM Mastrovasilis Dmitrios 2606 Europe 1,5 6 25,0 3

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