Chessmile – orthodontic braces with a difference

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1/16/2010 – What if you are a young chess fan – with crooked teeth? Braces is the answer, but now an orthodontic doctor has come up with a way to combine a healthy set of straight teeth with your love for the game. Chessmile offers braces in the form of chess pieces. You can set up endgames, puzzles and even checkmates. And this is the brainchild of? WIM Dr Carolina Blanco, that's who.

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Chessmile – orthodontic braces with a difference

It is quite a coincidence that a complete set of permanent teeth in a human being numbers 32 and a game of chess begins with 32 pieces. The beauty of chess lies in the harmonious patterns the pieces are arranged in. Likewise, a healthy set of straight teeth gives one a beautiful smile. Dr. Carolina Blanco, a Women International Master in chess and an orthodontist in normal life, had developed a new product for chess-loving kids with dental irregularities.

Chessmile TM is offering braces can be worn by kids and adults in any phase of orthodontic treatment. Anyone who needs braces can have them in the shape of any combination of chess pieces, such as a rook and pawn endgame, a winning position from your favourite game, or even a checkmate.

We assume that legality and soundness of the chess tactics will be checked by Dr Blanco

A smile with a difference: with a little imagination you can set up a checkmate position

Chessmile braces work the same as other vestibular braces,
and feel just like regular braces in your mouth.

Dr Carolina Blanco, WIM and orthodontist

Dr Carolina Blanco is an orthodontic specialist who received her dental training at the University of Carabobo in Venezuela. She earned her specialist degree in Orthodontics from the University of Campinas in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Yep, that's her, WIM Dr Carolina Blanco, in a 2007 glamour shoot

Carolina is also a chess player who has been representing her native country in international tournaments since she was eight years old. This activity gave her the opportunity to visit more than 35 countries around the world and has had "the marvelous luck to meet exceptional people throughout my life, people who combine a high level of competence in their professional life with an equally high level of competition in sports." Which pretty much sums up Carolina Blanco herself, who has always tried to combine her two passions – dentistry and chess – in an expedient way.

Posing with one of the tools of her trade

Dr Carolina has a brother, IM Cristobal José Blanco, who happens to be a medical doctor working on a PhD in neurosurgery at the Univeristy of Cordoba, Spain.

IM Cristobal José Blanco, working on a PhD in neurosurgery

Christobal is an IM with a rating of 2379. He has been living in Spain for four years now, doing his medical residence, but he is also active in chess. Actually Cristobal Blanco is a world champion – in chess for doctors, having won the World Medical Games in Germany in 2008.

The winner of the chess section of the World Medical and Health Games 2008

Christobal finished seventh in the Continental tournament last year and often plays in Sevilla, Barcelona and the Spanish League.

Carolina with her brother IM Cristobal José Blanco

So how do you get Chessmile braces on your teeth? A patient can order them or ask their orthodontist to contact Chessmile to order them. The braces will be deliverd to any place in the world.

While ordering you get to choose which braces you want. Chessmile gives you several options to ensure a truly unique orthodontic smile with your own chess puzzle position.

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