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9/27/2013 – The King's Gambit does not have a good reputation according to opening theory but in a practical game the black player must remember lots of variations especially when he goes for the main line with 3...g5. In the new issue of CBM, German IM Martin Breutigam recommends a rare but highly successful sideline with 3...Ne7. You can download his article for free! More.

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Martin Breutigam is a chess journalist and International Master with a current rating of 2396 ELO. Over the last couple of years he published several opening articles for ChessBase Magazine, especially on the Trompowsky Attack, Ruy Lopez, and the Tarrasch Defence. 

In his own games Breutigam uses to answer 1.e4 with 1...e5, so it is clear that he must have something up his sleeve against the gambit 2.f4! After the moves 2...exf4 3.Nf3 he recommends 3...Ne7 to all 1...e5-players who do not want to spend too much time on this part of the repertoire. 

Statistics show that after 3.Nf3, the move which is eighth in terms of frequency 3...Ne7 is pretty much the centre of attention for the moment and in addition shows the best performance!

In his article Breutigam demonstrates how Black should continue both after 4.Bc4 and 4.d4 and explains the plans by means of games of the leading expert in this line, Etienne Bacrot!


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