Chess Serial Killer arrested in Moscow

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6/21/2006 – MosNews is reporting that a shop assistant has been arrested under suspicion of being the notorious Bitsa Park serial killer, whom Moscow police have been tracking for half a year. He is accused of at least 14 murders, but has confessed to a total of 61. Apparently the killer was trying to commit one murder for each square of the chessboard.

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“Crazy Chess Player” Serial Killer Confesses to 61 Murders

MosNews is reporting that a serial killer has been detained in Moscow after confessing to killing 61 people. The killer had planned to murder a total of 64 people, one for each of the squares of a chessboard.

Alexander Pichushkin, 32, a shop assistant, has claimed to be the notorious Bitsa Park serial killer, who Moscow police have been tracking down for more than half a year, Kommersant daily reports. Pichushkin, who has already been nicknamed “Crazy Chess Player”, said he had initially planned to commit 64 murders, one for each of the chessboard squares. He also said there were three squares vacant, thus admitting to have killed 61.

However the police have found only 14 bodies in the Bitsa Park in the suburbs of Moscow, and the investigators doubt the detainee’s testimony, since he cannot remember where he had hid the rest 47 corpses.

Pichushkin was detained on June 18, on suspicions of killing his co-worker whose body was found in a spring in the park. He admitted his guilt and gave to the police the hammer he had killed the woman with. “In all likelihood, this case will turn out to be even bigger than that of the notorious maniac Chikatilo,” a police spokesman said. Andrei Chikatilo, who killed 53 teenagers and children in southern Russia, was condemned to death and executed in 1994.

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