Chess sells!

5/13/2002 – Chess is in, chess – and not just sex – can help big corporations sell their products. On German TV there are currently two ad campaigns for cars which use chess to highlight the products. In one a chess player is shown but never named. You may just recognise the face, though. More

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This is an ad by Opel (GM subsidiary in Germany) selling their Vectra model. Click on the picture to view the Flash intro taken from the TV ad.

And here's how Volkswagen sells their latest Phaeton model. "Is it just a game?" the ad asks, as the chess player ponders a move against Deep Blue.

You can replay this second ad here in Quicktime format (1 MB). If your browser cannot handle the format right-click the link and "save as". After that a double-click should fire up a Quicktime player and play the clip.


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