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2/3/2005 – Today, not only are more women entering the boardroom, many are mastering the art of the board game. And not just any games, but highly complicated ones like chess. News 10 Now recently introduced its audience to a rising chess champ who is making her unique mark on the game of knights, kings and queens. Meet SuperJen.

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News 10 Now is a cablecasting news service run by Time Warner Cable and can be seen by 350,000 subscribers in the Upstate New York area. The company employs over 90 journalists and technicians and is considered one of the most technologically advanced newsgathering and production system in the nation.

The one-minute piece "Chess queens" was produced by Casey Kelly and broadcast on January 25, 2005. You can still watch it on the News 10 Now web site.

Meet Jennifer Shahade

She was born on New Year's eve 1980. At 24 Jennifer Shahade is the strongest American born female player of all time (excluding Alisa Maric, the Yugoslav WGM who was born in New York city). At the 2002 US Championship she defeated GM Sagalchik and drew against GMs Seirawan, Fedorowicz and Kudrin, en route to the US women's title and an IM norm.

She also dazzled in the 2004 US Women's Championship to capture her second title. Her strong point is attacking and playing with the initiative. Sometimes when the game becomes simple her strength can go down some and she also has some issues with time trouble. Despite all this, people are becoming aware that they shouldn’t let Jennifer attack their king, as when she gets the enemy king in her sights she doesn't pull any punches.

Jenny in pink, at the New York Masters

Jennifer at the Chess Olympiade in Calvià. The two admirers are (right) GM Lothar Schmid, the legendary arbiter of Fischer vs Spassky in Reykjavik in 1972, as well as many other world championship matches; and His Royal Highness Alexander Prince of Saxony (really!).


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