Chess on TV, Take One: American Chess Star

by ChessBase
12/1/2011 – Who says chess can't make it on the small screen? Watch American Chess Star, a trailer for a chess reality TV show. The clip is brought to you by the producers of the Xtreme Chess Championships, a made for TV chess competition featuring eight of the top young chessplayers in America, which is coming in December. Videos and studio shots.

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Chess on TV, Take One: American Chess Star

By Jennifer Shahade

American Chess Star video featuring Jonathan Corbblah, Jennifer Shahade, Alan Stein, Michelle Tantoco, Tali
Kogan, Kateryna Knight, Quinn Arlington Waters and more

Jennifer ("Superjenium") Shahade on Fox News, explaining the rules and basic strategy of Hula-Chess

Rules of the game explained in 45 seconds – okay, except for castling, en passant and stalemate

Coming soon: The Xtreme Chess Championship

A made for TV chess competition featuring eight of the top young chessplayers in America. Competitors include:

The multi-talented FM Alisa Melekhina, also a law student at UPenn and a trained ballerina,

Tali Kogan from American Chess Star

Cosmopolitan Stanford student Elliott Liu who along with Alex Barnett, a chess and
poker player, are two of the highest rated players in the Xtreme Chess Championships.

Kassa Korley, a New Yorker who now attends Duke University.

Also participating are Shawn Martinez, alumnus of the Brooklyn chess dynasty, IS 318, and Kevin Wang, a 13-year-old chess master from Maryland, Justus Williams, who was recently featured in the New York Times.

During the filming of the American Chess Star trailer

Mirror, mirror in on the board...

The first episode of Xtreme Chess Championships premieres at the Marshall Chess Club on December 16th at 7 PM. Producers Daniel Meirom, Greg and Jennifer Shahade will all be on hand to answer questions. You can also get some holiday shopping done – Jennifer will be selling and signing copies of her books, Chess Bitch, Play Like a Girl and Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess. Sales of Chess Bitch will help fund the screening while Play Like a Girl sales help support an Xtreme Chess partner, 9 Queens.

Stay posted on the Xtreme Chess Championships on twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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