Chess Olympic Tango in Argentina 2010?

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5/30/2006 – During the Olympiad in Turin a number of countries are bidding to hold the Olympiad in 2010 (in 2008 it will be in Dresden, Germany). Poland, Montenegro, Khanty-Mansiysk are all candidates. One entry comes from Argentina, which promises invitations to all FIDE delegates and their wives, polo, soccer and a special Tango tournament.

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Argentina is the second largest country of South America (after Brazil) and the eighth largest country in the world. Originally it was populated by peoples known as Diaguita and the Guaraní. The Europeans arrived in the 16th century, and Spain established a permanent colony on the site of Buenos Aires in 1580. In On May 25, 1810 prominent citizens of Buenos Aires created the First Government Junta, which led to complete independence from Spain six years later. It went on to become one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

Main avenues of Buenos Aires is the 140 meters wide Avenue 9 de Julio

In the year 2010 Argentina will hold Bicentenario Celebrations (1810-2010). One of the special events could be the 39th Chess Olympiad, for which the Argentine Chess Federation (FADA) is making a strong bid. Here are some of the special conditions and side events the FADA is promising (see interview with the President below):

  1. During the Olympiad there will be a number of open chess tournaments, with good prize funds.

  2. There will be free sightseeing for players and officials. They will also be invited to a Polo match (the Argentinean is the best in the world), and also to see the most popular sport in the country: soccer.

  3. For the first time all FIDE delegates and their wives will be invited, from the first day of the Olympiad onwards. Hotel and meals will be provided free of charge.

  4. There will be a special tango tournament: after every round participants and officials can take lessons from a professional tango teacher. On the last free day there will be a giant Tango Championship, with a substantial prize going to the winner.

Ariel view of Buenos Aires, with its world famous River Plate stadium

In their bid for the 2010 Olympiad the organisers have reminded FIDE delegates that .Buenos Aires was and is the favorite city of the World Champions José Raúl Capalanca, Boris Spassky, Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov. The chess fans in the country are deeply devoted to the game. When Fischer or Kasparov visited Buenos Aires they were given protracted standing ovations by the audience. The FADA also stressed that since the last three Olympiads (2004 in Calvia, 2006 in Turin, 2008 in Dresden) have all been in Europe, it is time to hold one in the Americas.

The Boca Juniors Stadium ("La bombonera") stadium on the inside, after an important match

The Casa Rosada government building where, historically, Evita Peron held her famous speech

The he Centro Jorge Luis Borges

A tango class in Argentina

The Floralis Generica sculpture in the United Nations Park in Buenos Aires, designed by the Argentinian architect Eduardo Catalano.

Buenos Aires 2010 will be the best Olympics in history

Interview of Nicolás Barrera, President of the Argentine Chess Federation

What are the reasons you believe that Buenos Aires should hold the Olympiad in 2010?

Nicolas Barrera: Basically because we have the support of the National Government, and if we win the Seat for the Chess Olympics it shall be the most important sports event in the Bicentenary Celebration. Consider that on celebrating our 200 years the country is organizing important cultural and sport events and chess has to be present because our Nation has a great chess tradition.

When did chess arrive in Buenos Aires?

N.B: According to proven historical data it arrived in the year 1600 and by 1800 it was played by many Spanish people living in Buenos Aires. By 1870 it was even played in many bars. Amateur players from those bars came together and in 1905 founded the Club Argentino de Ajedrez. Thus Buenos Aires is one of the few cities that has a centenary chess club. In 1927 the first World Championship between Capablanca and Alekhine took place, and in 1939, and 1978 it was the seat of the Chess Olympics. Buenos Aires was host to the match Fischer-Petrosian in 1971, and many of the best world players, including Fischer, Kasparov, Karpov, Spassky and Anand have played here. All the world champions except Botvinnik visited Buenos Aires.

What does Buenos Aires have to offer for the Olympiad in 2010?

N.B: We shall organise the best Olympics in history. We shall give the players the best conditions and improve the institutional validity of the FIDE delegates. They shall be invited, with all expenses paid for the entire period of the Olympics, so they can celebrate with us the Bicentenary of our Nation. We shall organize tournaments with good prizes for everybody, there shall be free tours for the FIDE players and authorities. And the tango shall be the official music of the Olympiad. Ater each chess round tango will be taught to all the participants, and on the last day we shall organise a Tango Championship with a prize for the winner. The FIDE delegates will be able to enjoy the well known hospitality of the Porteño, and taste the best meat to be found in the world.

Where will the Olympiad take place in Buenos Aires?

N.B: In the Rural, the biggest exposition center in Latin America, and it shall provide the latest technology, so that the entire world gets instantly all the information it needs. There shall be literary, painting and movie competitions related to chess. Take into consideration the special interest awakened by the Bicentenary as well as the unconditional support of the National Government.

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov with Ramón Nicolás Barrera

Capablanca vs Alekhine in Buenos Aires

Argentina has a rich chess tradition. The most important chess match in the country took place from September to November 1927. Challenger Alexander Alekhine played against José Raúl Capablanca in Buenos Aires for the title of World Champion. To surprise of the chess world the Russian defeated the great Cuban +6 =25 –3.

The original board, pieces and the clock used during the match

The brass plaque on the exhibit of the original playing material

Pieces and score sheets from the match

The original notation

Contemporary newspaper reports on the great chess event

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