Chess in a library – Dutch team playoff

5/22/2004 – Last year it was held in a casino, this year in a library. You decide which is more appropriate for the playoffs for the Dutch Team Championship, which involves the four highest-placed teams with top GMs participating. We bring you the results, all the games and a pictorial report...

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The Dutch Team Championship sports strong GMs from all over the world. The playoffs themselves take place in May, this time on May 20th and 21st, with the following four teams:

  • HSG Hilversum, with Ljubojevic, Seirawan, Rogers, Nijboer, Stellwagen, L'Ami, De Vreugt. etc.
  • ZZICT, with Van Wely, Movsesian, Van den Doel, Chuchelov, Timman, Van der Wiel, etc.
  • VastNed Doettling, with Schmaltz, Reinderman, etc.
  • ING/ESGOO, with Feygin, Schebler, Hausrath, etc.

For the playoffs the rules allow the top-scoring team to pick its first opponent among the other three. VastNed Rotterdam was the lucky team, and their unlucky choice was ING/ESGOO Enschede. The latter usually ends up in fourth place, but this time they defeated the leading team in the semifinals. In the second encounter ZZICT Breda beat HSG Hilversum. In the finals ZZICT trounced ING/ESGOO Enschede 8½-1½. Hilversum came third with a convincing victory over Rotterdam.


Bd. ZZICT Breda ING/ESGOO Enschede
1. Van Wely, Loek (GM, NED, 2651) Lemmers, Oscar (IM, NED, 2379)
2. Chuchelov, Vladimir (GM, BEL, 2593) Koster, Ramon (NED, 2258)
3. Van den Doel, Erik (GM, NED, 2599) Hausrath, Daniel (IM, GER, 2452)
4. Timman, Jan (GM, NED, 2576) Feygin, Michail (IM, UKR, 2471)
5. Van der Wiel, John (GM, NED, 2526) Kroeze, Frank (FM, NED, 2384)
6. Hoogendoorn, Joost (FM, NED, 2377) Hoffmann, Michael (IM, GER, 2444)
7. Werle, Jan (IM, NED, 2438) Spoelman, Wouter (NED, 2249)
8. Delemarre, Jop (IM, NED, 2464) Bolwerk, Peter (NED, 2280)
9. Cuijpers, Frans (IM, NED, 2489) Schebler, Gerhard (IM, GER, 2471)
10. Blees, Albert (IM, NED, 2389) Bitalzadeh, Ali (NED, 2229)

Place three

Bd. HSG Hilversum VastNed Rotterdam
1. Ljubojevic, Ljubomir (GM, SCG, 2569) Winants, Luc (GM, BEL, 2497)
2. Seirawan, Yasser (GM, USA, 2621) Schmaltz, Roland (GM, GER, 2522)
3. L'Ami, Erwin (IM, NED, 2478) Doettling, Fabian (GM, GER, 2532)
4. Rogers, Ian (GM, AUS, 2582) Bosch, Jeroen (IM, NED, 2445)
5. Stellwagen, Daniel (IM, NED, 2503) Piket, Marcel (FM, NED, 2343)
6. De Vreugt, Dennis (GM, NED, 2472) Reinderman, Dimitri (GM, NED, 2521)
7. Nijboer, Friso (GM, NED, 2578) Timmerman, Gert (FM, NED, 2354)
8. Vedder, Henk (NED, 2363) Carlier, Bruno (IM, NED, 2415)
9. Pliester, Leon (IM, NED, 2382) Gulbas, Cemil (FM, BEL, 2363)
10. Douven, Rudy (IM, NED, 2416) Van Harreveld, Frenk (FM, NED, 2284)

Picture Gallery

Shhhhhh.... Chess in a library

Dutch chess legend Jan Timman playing for the winning team ZZICT Breda

Thinking for HSG Hilversum: American GM Yasser Seirawan

German GM Roland Schmaltz, a.k.a. Hawkeye on the chess server

Friso Nijboer (GM, NED, 2578) playing for Hilversum

Young talent Daniel Stellwagen (17), part of the Hilversum team

Top Dutch GM Loek van Wely, board one of the winning team

Belgian GM Luc Winants preparing for his game against...

... the man with the watch, GM Ljubomir Ljubojevic from Serbia and Montenegro

Actually it is very simple, Jan: first a six-man tournament with Kasparov, then the winner plays the winner of Kramnik vs Leko. Then we have unity!

All pictures by Jeroen van den Belt


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