Chess Classic Mainz 2008 starts next week

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7/23/2008 – The annual Chess Classic in Mainz, Germany, will be held from July 28th to August 3rd, 2008. The big event is the Grenke-Leasing Rapid Chess World Championship with Anand, Morozevich, Carlsen and Judit Polgar. There are a number of Chess 960 events, one a Woman World Championship, and one a category 29 (!) Chess960 Computer World Championship. Full details.

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Chess Classic Mainz 2008

The 2008 Chess Classic takes place from July 28 to August 3 in the Rheingoldhalle of the Congress Centre, Hilton Hotel in Mainz, Germany. It includes tournaments and Opens in traditional and Random Chess, with stars like the current World Champion and world's number one Vishy Anand, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, Russian GM Alexander Morozevich and the strongest female player of all time Judit Polgar.

View from a previous year's Chess Classic, with the Open and two matches in progress

Only the Best

By Harry Schaack (English translation by Johannes Fischer)

By now it’s a tradition in Mainz: the best will meet. But the 15. Chess Classic Mainz, taking place 28. July to 3. August in the “Rheingoldhalle”, will be special.

As it happens, the top three players on the Live Elo ranking list from 1. July, joined by the World’s best women player, Judit Polgar, will compete from 1st to 3rd August for the 13th GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship: World Champion and Number One Viswanathan Anand, Magnus Carlsen and Alexander Morozevich. In contrast to the FIDE World ranking list, the Live Elo list includes the Aerosvit tournament in Foros, which finished in June and was won in superior style one point ahead of the field by Norwegian superstar Magnus Carlsen.

Record winner in Mainz: World Champion Vishy Anand

The duel in Mainz promises to be exciting: Vishy Anand, ten time winner of the Classic, is challenged by Magnus Carlsen, without doubt one of the greatest talents in the history of chess, who, at only 17 years of age, already has an eye on the Indian Champion’s throne. Carlsen rapidly established himself at the world’s top and is a hot favorite for the upcoming World Championship cycle, in which the challenger for 2010 will be determined. By sharing first prize in the first of six qualifying tournaments, the so called Grand Prix, he is well on his way.

The "challenger": Magnus Carlsen of Norway

It will be exciting to see whether the „Wunderkind“ can hold his own in rapid chess against favorite Anand, who has been dominating the Chess Classic for more than a decade. Hitherto Anand had the better of it, and Carlsen had to wait till this year’s Melody Amber tournament in Nizza, in which the World Champion was a bit out of shape, to score his first win. But the Chess Classic might well be a prelude to their battles of the years to come.

However, Alexander Morozevich, will not watch idly while Carlsen and Anand fight it out. At the recent category 18 tournament Bosna Sarajevo the Muscovite was in top shape. Winning this tournament in spectacular fashion, one of the many victories in his career, helped Morozevich to leap to place three on the World’s ranking list. Morozevich is considered to be one of the most creative players at the top and known to employ unusual openings in top tournaments. One wonders what weapon he will dig up in Mainz to surprise his opponents.

The field is completed by Judit Polgar, outstanding woman player in the history of chess. She was the first woman, who not only regularly played against the very best, but at 13 years of age was also the youngest grandmaster ever at that time. She once made it to the Top Ten on the rating list and in 2005 she played in the eight players tournament in San Luis for the World Championship. In 2004 she challenged Anand in one of the most exciting matches of the Chess Classic ever, in which he had to give his very best to succeed. This encounter offered vintage fighting chess: Eight games were played, eight games were decided and only by winning his last two games Anand finally won 5-3.

Strongest female player in history: Judit Polgar of Hungary

The spectators can look forward to the 13. GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship: all four of the participants are known for their aggressive and their competitive spirit. Thus, this year Vishy Anand faces a particular demanding challenge. For the Indian the Chess Classic offers also one of the last opportunities to “rehearse” before his match against Vladimir Kramnik to defend his title of World Champion in classical chess, which will be played in October in Bonn.

This year’s superb class at the Chess Classic can also be seen in the 2nd FiNet Chess960 Rapid Woman World Championship, which will be played from 29-31 July. Here four women will meet who all can boast of a number of recent successes.

Chess960 is the chess variant made popular by the Chess Classic and in which the pieces are set up randomly at the beginning. This idea actually goes back to the late former World Champion Bobby Fischer, but the world’s top players started to play this way in the Chess Classic.

Defending champion in the women’s tournament is Alexandra Kosteniuk, who two years ago won against Elisabeth Pähtz from Germany. Winning the title of European Champion in 2004 was arguably the most important title in Kosteniuk’s career. In Mainz Kosteniuk, the best Russian woman player, has to contend against the top three finishers of this year’s European Championship. The title was won by Kateryna Lahno, her second after winning the event 2005 – a feat, which as far as European Championships go, is unrivalled by women and men alike. At 19 years of age the Ukrainian talent is also the youngest of the four participants. Tied second and third at the European Championship were Victorija Cmilyte, who as best women player in the FiNet Open 2007 qualified for the World Championship 2008, and Natalia Zhukova, European Champion 2000, who qualified at the Chess Classic 2006 for the World Championship in Chess960 Rapid Chess.

The very best also play in the 4th Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship. Apart from reigning champion Rybka and Shredder, the most successful program in the history of chess computers, the programs Naum and Deep Sjeng, which qualified in the ICC internet tournament, will play. These four programs also happen to be the top four on the current computer world ranking list. With an elo average of 2981 and category 29 the Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship will be the strongest tournament of all times!

Programmer of Rybka: IM Vasik Rajlich (USA)

Spectators can follow the World Rapid Chess Championship and the Chess 960 World Championship live at the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz. Entry is free if you registered for one of the open tournaments. Should you be at a loss to understand what is going on at the masters boards, you can either listen to the explanations of the grandmasters via earphones while watching the players – silent viewing – or you can listen to grandmaster explanations in the foyer – public viewing.

Author of Shredder: Stefan Meyer-Kahlen (Germany)

However, a lot of chess fans are keen to play in the two huge Rapid Chess Open tournaments, in which they can play along with the very best. One of the many attractions of these tournaments is the large number of rating prizes. Everybody has a chance to win a prize in his or her rating category. The entire prize-fund for both open tournaments is 40.000 Euro.

On Thursday and on Friday (31st July and 1st August) you have the chance to show your strength in the 7th FiNet Open, the World’s strongest Chess960 tournament, a particularly strong event. Last year one third of the 280 participants were titleholders.

In 2007 the ORDIX Open broke all records. With a sensational number of 762 participants it was the biggest tournament of its kind ever played. A quarter of the field were titleholders and 2008 things won’t be much different. Here amateurs do have the chance to play against a world class player in a tournament game. With Sergei Movsesian (Elo 2723) and Pavel Eljanov (Elo 2716) two 2700+ players take part. The German number one, Arkadi Naiditsch, who recently won in Dortmund against Vladimir Kramnik also promised he would come. On top of that, 16 players with a rating of 2650+ have registered, among them Anand’s second Peter Heine Nielsen, Akopian, Motylev, Sasikiran and the former FIDE-World Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov. With Rafael Vaganjan or Ulf Andersson, regular visitors in Mainz, two chess legends take part. Particularly interesting will be the appearance of Rapid chess expert Hikaru Nakamura. The World’s best player in one-minute ("bullet") games likes to surprise with eccentric openings. Thus, he repeatedly and successfully employed the line 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 against strong opponents. The American will definitely be one of the stars of this year’s tournaments.

The Chess Classic also enjoy a deserved reputation for being excellently organized – despite the large number of participants the rounds start on time and everything runs smoothly.

To secure the media interest it deserves, this year the Chess Classic start a bit earlier than usual to avoid clashes with the Olympiad in Beijing. As there are still bank holidays, a lot of pupils will be able to take part in the two open tournaments for children, the 2nd Mini-ORDIX (29th July) and the 2nd Mini-FiNet (30th July). These open tournaments are particularly attractive for talented players because parents will be advised by a grandmaster during the tournament.

Traditionally the Chess Classic start with the Simultaneous Event, which this time will be given by World Champion Vishy Anand and which will take place on Monday, 28th July. In 1994 the Indian conceded only four draws on 40 boards, and this is still the best result ever achieved in the Chess Classic simultaneous events. As every year those who want to play against the World Champion, had the chance to secure a place in several auctions on ebay.

Vishy Anand playing a simultaneous exhibition in Mainz

More information about the events can be found on the internet under, where you can also register.

Schedule of events

GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship – 1-3 August 2008

Rapid Chess, 20min/game + 5s/move. Course of events: Fri, 1 Aug.: first rounds 1, 2 and 3; Sat, 2 Aug.: second rounds 4, 5 and 6, possible tiebreak; Sun, 3 Aug: four-game matches, big and small final, possible tiebreak, award ceremony. Start time of rounds: 18:30h, 19:30h, 20:30h, final additionally: 21:30h. Participants:

Player Nation Title
Viswanathan Anand India  GM
Alexander Morozevich Russia  GM
Magnus Carlsen Norway  GM
Judit Polgar Hungary  GM

Note: world rankings and ratings according to the official FIDE rating list of July 2008

2. FiNet Chess960 Women's Rapid World Championship – 29-31 July 2008

Rapid chess, 20min/game + 5s/move. Course of events: Tue 29 July: first set of rounds 1, 2 and 3; Wed, 30 July: second set of rounds 4, 5 and 6, possible tiebreak; Thu, 31 July: four-game matches, big and small final, possible tiebreak, award ceremony. Start time of rounds: 18:30h, 19:30h, 20:30h, final additionally: 21:30h. Participants:

Player Nation
Alexandra Kosteniuk Russia
Victorija Cmilyte Lithuania
Kateryna Lahno Ukraine
Natalia Zhukova Ukraine

Note: world rankings and ratings according to the official FIDE rating list of July 2008

4th Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship– 30 July-1 August 2008

Rapid Chess, 20min/game + 5s/move. Course of events: Wed 30 July: first set of three rounds; Thurs 31 July: second set of three rounds; Fri 1 Aug.: four-game matches, big and small final possle tiebreak (5min/game + 5s/move). Start time of rounds: 11:00h, 12:30h, 14:00h, final additionally: 15:30 h, tiebreak: 17:00h. Participants: Rybka, Deep Shredder, Naum and Deep Sjeng.

7th FiNet Chess960 Open – July 31-August 01, 2008

Eleven rounds Chess960 Rapid Chess, 20min/game + 5s/move. Thu 31 July: rounds 1-5; Fri 1 August: rounds 6-11. Start of rounds: Thu 12:00h and Fri 10:00h. Award Ceremony Fri 17:30h.

15th ORDIX Open – August 2-3, 2008

Eleven rounds Rapid Chess Open, 20min/game + 5s/move. Registration until Sat 2 Aug, 11:30h. Sat 2 August: rounds 1-5; Sun 3 August: rounds 6-11. Start of rounds: Sat 12:00h, Sun 10:00h. Award ceremony Sun 17:30h.

2nd Mini-ORDIX (29th July) and the 2nd Mini-FiNet (30th July)

2nd Mini-ORDIX Open: Rapid Chess Open for Children and Talents U14, 20min/game + 5s/move. Registration
until Tue, July 29, 10:30h. Seven rounds: 11:00h, 12:00h, 13:00h, 14:00h, 15:00h, 16:00h, 17:00h. Award ceremony: 18:00h.

2nd Mini-FiNet Open: Rapid Chess960 Open for Children and Talents U14, 20min/game + 5s/move. Registration
until Wed, July 30, 10:30h. Seven rounds: 11:00h, 12:00h, 13:00h, 14:00h, 15:00h, 16:00h, 17:00h. Award ceremony: 18:00h.


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