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9/14/2018 – Another spectacular chess event is ongoing at the Saint Louis Chess Club. Ten world-class players, including Garry Kasparov, compete in rapid and blitz matches in Chess960. Live video and commentary from 20:00 CEST (19:00 UT). | Graphic: Standings after Day 3 / Saint Louis Chess Club

How I became World Champion Vol.1 1973-1985 How I became World Champion Vol.1 1973-1985

Garry Kasparov's rise to the top was meteoric and at his very first attempt he managed to become World Champion, the youngest of all time. In over six hours of video, he gives a first hand account of crucial events from recent chess history, you can improve your chess understanding and enjoy explanations and comments from a unique and outstanding personality on and off the chess board.


Champions Showdown

Five matches will be held in Chess960 (a.k.a. Fischer Random Chess), where the starting position will be drawn at random from 960 possibilities. The prize fund is USD $250,000.

Games are played with a "delay" — if the players make their moves within the delay time, no time is deducted from their clock. If they exceed the delay, the clock begins counting down.

Match winners

Player URS™ Rating   Player URS™ Rating
Garry Kasparov  2734 vs Veselin Topalov 2722
Hikaru Nakamura 2812 vs Peter Svidler 2758
Wesley So 2794 vs Anish Giri 2763
Sam Shankland 2695 vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 2796
Levon Aronian 2794 vs Leinier Dominguez 2754

Live commentary video

Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan, GM Maurice Ashley and WGM Jennifer Shahade

Standings after Day 3

Standings after day 3

Schedule (all times in CEST, UT+2)

Six rapid chess games will be played with 30 minutes per player and a 10-second delay per move. The rapid games are counted double (two points for a win, one point for a draw). Fourteen blitz games will be played with 5 minutes per player plus 5 seconds delay per move. The blitz matches use traditional scoring.

September 11th

19:00 Drawing of the starting position
20:00 Rapid game 1
21:30 Rapid game 2
23:00 Blitz game 1
23:30 Blitz game 2

September 12th

19:00 Drawing of the starting position
20:00 Rapid game 3
21:30 Rapid game 4
23:00 Blitz game 3
23:30 Blitz game 4

September 13th

19:00 Drawing of the starting position
20:00 Rapid game 5
21:30 Rapid game 6
23:00 Blitz game 5
23:30 Blitz game 6

September 14th

19:30 Drawing of the starting position
20:00 Blitz game 7
20:30 Blitz game 8
21:00 Blitz game 9
21:30 Blitz game 10
22:00 Drawing of the starting position
22:30 Blitz game 11
23:00 Blitz game 12
23:30 Blitz game 13
24.00 Blitz game 14


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