CBM training: More endgames from Plovdiv

by ChessBase
3/31/2012 – 350 participants, a number rated over 2700 – that is a guarantee for interesting endgames cropping up in every round. Our ChessBase Magazin expert Dr Karsten Müller continues to scour the games of the European Individual Championship for interesting and instructive endings, and brings you four examples to peruse over the weekend. Learn and enjoy.

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Stamma's Mate

A lone knight can not force mate of course. But if the opponent still has a far advanced rook's pawn then matters can be different:

The staircase

Geometrical manovers often make a strong impression:

The bodycheck

Especially in endings rook against pawn this is an important technique. Avoiding a bodycheck might also be on the agenda of course:

Deceptive Simplicity

Pawn ending may look simple, but they are certainly not. Often long variations must be calculated precisely:

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