CBM training: Bodycheck, pawn breaktroughs, patience

12/17/2011 – Chess endgame training – get your weekend Elo boost. Our endgame expert Dr Karsten Müller, who provides us with extensive instructions in his popular ChessBase Magazine section, gives us a taste of his teaching skills on our newspage, where he shows us examples of practical endings in recent international tournament games. Learn and improve.

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The Bodycheck

It is a very important weapon in the pawn endgame:

Pawn breakthroughs

The formation with pawns e5, f4, g4, h5 against e6,f7,g7,h6 is also called Quartgriff in German. White's space advantage gives him a dangerous option to break through:

Do not rush

The following motiv is very important in rook endings:

Karsten Müller in ChessBase Magazine

Do you like these lessons? There are plenty more by internationally renowned endgame expert Dr Karsten Müller in ChessBase Magazine, where you will also find openings articles and surveys, tactics, and of course annotations by the world's top grandmasters.

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Apart from his regular columns and video lectures in ChessBase Magazine there is a whole series of training DVDs by Karsten Müller, which are bestsellers in the ChessBase Shop.


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